a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

On Im Selling on Ebay Again

God what happend to the blog !

Guys am selling this on ebay if anyone is interested.
Got it at a garage sale years ago. Hardly ever played so am selling it.
This is also in line with my efforts to get rid of all my stuff that I didnt use in this last 2 yrs.
Also I have stopped buying things for the past 1 year unless i really really need it.
Pretty Drastic measure huh. I have to minimize things plus you can only have so many things ! I usually throw out stuff or as they say spring clean twice every year. Becasue if I have to move I have to pack and ship all my stuff.
I hardly have anything kept at home in Malaysia.
I know you guys prob have most of your stuff back in your chilhood room. I shipped my whole life here few years back. I can still remember when I came back after a year working here I packed up the whole room and my dad stood at the door and said ''so you really are taking everything and going to make a life out there huh''... I then opened up the cupboard to reveal a huge pile clothes, most of my baju kebaya's hanging, and a drawer full of those little nick knacks and then he smiled. Knowing that I will always be Daddy's little girl and I will always have him to come back to.


Love and Light
The Lioness xoxo

Ps: Today I had my first practical UK driving lesson. Msian drivers cant be converted. No big surprise there ! Anywas the car I drove was quite cool for a medium sized car. I always think that they give you really crappy old cars (Maybe this is the Malaysian driving schools) but mine was a fairly new Silver Renault Megan Turbo 1.5 Diesel ,no key just card and starts with a button ! You can Google Image the car if you are interested. On btw I have to book my practical test online ! HOW COOL IS THAT !!!!


i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

thats civilization for you.

V|vac|ous said...

what is ?

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

online test booking and non-deathtrap examination vehicles.

In the states, you typically provide your OWN car during the test. But American driving standards are pretty easy to get by.

Imagine taking your practical in a Ferrari. Thatd be sweet.

Jason said...

what's that??? some kind of sexual game??

Gregs said...

wow, diesel engine rocks......lots or torque and environmentally friendly.

Gregs said...

US quite high tech also wut...Booked the practical online, then go for the road test. After that the tester pull a PDA like device out, tap a few buttons with his stylus, then he issues u your temporary license, which looks like a cash register receipt.

howsurmother? said...

aiya..why u wana sell it off...later come back we can play wut....

V|vac|ous said...

Nick : Yes in the UK you can also use your car, instructors car or the motor vehicle dept's car. But im gonna use the instructor’s car ! Silver Megan here I come. Most things are done online here. Like ordering prescriptions, booking appointments, etc etc. Am going for the manual licence. So it doesn’t restrict like the auto or the semi auto ones.

My car in Msia is/was an auto and when I took refresher classes in Msia - March the gears were a nightmare so i thought all manual cars were like that. Only now I know the manual cars I drove were all clutch plate cebok ones ! Its quite easy least here they have the consciences to give you a car that works well.
Ferrari ! cool cool.

Jason: Yes its like a Q & A game with dice. Interested?

Gregs: Yup yup ! but once my boss put petrol in his diesel car hahahah

Ra-jen : Daddy you Bid ok then balik time we all can play at new kopitiam Dinesh's house. Ill bring Milo tin from my house.
Oh and Rajen thanks for letting me drive your car one round up town ! Confidence booster.

Thanks all for the comments. Really made my morning. What a good way to start the day ! :)

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm