a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Monday, December 31, 2007

moment of truth...

hey peeps..
it's been a wild year for all of us i believe and 2008 is just 4 hours away.(msia time)
so far the plan is to go over to ONG's place to chill and have a quiet evening...
all lifetime mates is here as well.. for those who can't make it.
dun worry. we'll toast for y'all. i personally will be more than happy to drink on your behalf..
so you guys dunt hafto worry bout me. :)

well.. really dunno what else to say.
urm...... really wish that y'all is around.

just chatted with my bee... she's still working.. dun work so hard k dear... :)
u drun drink so banyak wine later.drink responsibly like my fren Mr.Ong would say..

to : nick,greg,gan,eugene & her royal lioness-
Happy New Year..safe lotsa money,comeback and visit us sometimes. tho' come back and take me out for drinks is the ultimate plan.but i will settle just to see you guys around town.

love , peace and Hang Loose...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

flash back...2000.

man, you guys all must be very busy la..until no time to layan the blog.
neway it's cool la. cuz we know that all tigers are busy working for the dough. for those who's still supporting.
i thank you.

oh fuck man. it's the END og the year 2007 edi.dam fast man. it was like yesterday oni we celebrated the last new year.wel probly not 'yesterday' la..maybe like few days back like that..but y'all understood my message right... hmmm... message or massage? fuck it.. :)

im pretty sure those who's not i msia..u'all sure got plans to party ur ass off for the new year.
and i know that u know that nick and greg is goin celebrate it at Hooter's.the wan down in nick's place.

and Eugene is probly gonna get so smashed up on new years eve and party like there's no next year cuz we all know the This wild Horse is goin to be OWNED by the end of 2008... ahahahahah.... party ur heart out man!!!! hehe...

Gan probly will go to town and check out all sorts of pussy for his thesis..*yawn hahaa...chill bro..

urm... i'm not sure what's my vinnie is up to this year..but im pretty dam sure she would love to spend her new year in my Manta rather than in anywhere else in the world.. betul tak? betul tak?

Julian is back here..so he'lll follow wherever we go. there's no option for him unless he decided to join his bro and dianne...

* Din...hopefully the bugger's plane no delay la..if not he'll be spending his new year on the plane...wahahahaahah.... ei..u better get me those 'klak klak' shoes man!!

so for this year our gang stilll doesnt have any plans yet of where to go.. i was thinking of getting an executive hotel room somewhere in KL where we can see the KL skyline at night
but all the hotel is FULLY booked..dam

then was thinking of goin down to PD..sorta standard escapade la..but lam is working til 1030.
so we all duno what to do now. mebbe BBQing at some fella's crib? that sounds like a plan...

aiya..now days new year.. it just doesnt feels like it..u know what i mean... like back in the days la.....i still remember this,our 1 year out for new year. that was the bomb man.right place at the right time.sumo with all the Y2k stories..Gan use to say.'so during the countdown later...when it goes to zero..means everything will reset back to 0000 instead 2000...then all the nuclear bombs and warhead will go haywired and launch by itself..' DAM what bollocks is that man..
but that was the 'thing' that everyone talks about and in the end what happened??

they were all out there partying like there's no tomoro...wtf!! ahahahahaha.... thise were the days la..urmm.. oh yeah ..we followed jul sister's car.some followed fua.... then i did some last minute shopping at One Utama..before goin to bangsar.

we waste beer like water...buy couple of bottle just for spraying at the crowd..we did the train thingy...and was that the year that nick or eugene hanging at Ong's uncle's TV at Canteena??

man we were quite smashed that night. and i still remembers that din,yudhis ,fua and way kiat was quite pissed..cuz have to take care of me , lam and nick..cuz all dah sorta KO...hahahaha...

wish we had a DV camera back then..then we could have recorded it.and name the tape. 'Those were the days of class 2000'...or something like that.

well..it's been a lot of crapping.i think i better go get some beer now. i will something tonite or tomoro before the countdown. to all brothers and sisters.
peace. we love you guys. regardless if u're white , black , chocolate , fat , thin , tall or short.
we niggaz ride together , we die together... Bad Boys for life.

urmm..i dun really mean 'die' as in DIE la..u know what i mean?u dig??

anyway...all those crap is just an excuse for me to upload this picture....
i just found out that if way kiat is not in P&G..
he does part time in the Zoo...


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


god dammit!!! look what i've found.
i was browsing thru ninie's photo..then i terjumpa this
classic picture.. i totally forgot that i had a bday party together
with Alif some years ago man, truly classic. this must have
been easily 3years back i think..or more. urm..i rememer quite a
no. of ppl came.we pot luck...urm..i did some fire tricks..
if i oni had a digital camera back then..then i could
elaborate more with some visual reference
(in case some of you monkees Cannot Imagine).. but anyway...
this picture does bring back a lot of the
good ol' times memories la.. well at least now when im 85 i can
tell my grandchildren that..

Grandpa Rajen: When i was your age i eat and breath fire.
at my birthday party....

Rajen Manta III jr. : yeah right!!! and u can even walk straight..

Grandpa Rajen : ei fucker! you better watch what you're saying ok,
cibai...RAJEN II !!! come here.

Rajen II : yes dad..

Grandpa Rajen : ei..anak kau tu kurengg sikit can u fucking take
the rotan and smack him ah???

Rajen II : U mean Smack That? ~ all on the floor..
smack that give me summooo... ~

Grandpa Knock Rajen's Head.

Grandpa Rajen : Oi.stupid or what?you think im
blardy joking izit?OMG..why la my anak so stupid..
what have i done to deserve this...arghhhhh

Rajen Manta III jr. : granpaa..stop yelling at daddy...
grandmaaaa!! granpa is bullying daddy...

Granpa Rajen : Alamak..No ,no hunny...we just chillin..
we cool babe..

Grandma X : what's all this commotion in the morning,sweetie?

Rajen Manta III jr : it's granpa!!! grandma..he cari gaduh 1st...

Grandma X : well darling...if the old man gives u
trouble again...just take the key and go scratch his car..

Granpa Rajen : Oi...tak aci la like that.. i'm trying to teach
my grandson...u pls dun kacau can or not..

Granma X : teach,teach my ass...!!!
now u better come up and gimme sum luvin...
or no sex for 2 months...

Granpa Rajen : MMM mmmmm...now play ma' song boy...

Rajen II runs to the Manta and blast the ol' skool
evergreen Smack Thatby the legendary Akon...

~~Smack That....
I feel you creepin', I can see you from my shadow.
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo.
Maybe go to my place and just kick it, like Taebo.
And possibly bend you over
Smack That.... ~

*in case y'all dunno..this happens around 2069..
so smack that is consider a classic edi...


Monday, December 24, 2007

X'Mas Eve... (Revised) :)

Merry Xmas to all my tigers and lioness.
hope y'all have a great xmas this year tho' we all can't celebrate it together..but im sure u guys knows that.. "We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere". right?

so y'all have a blast wan this year....we looking forward to another year where we all can actually be together to celebrate it..but y'all know that it won't happen anytime soon right...cuz few in US, few in Ozzy, few in UK. loads in Malaysia. neway.we'll keep it TIght aight.. be cool.stay and live coool..

i write more later. now i need to get ready to go out. peace out brothers and sisters.

*i've modified certain information...thousand apologies okay!

Friday, December 21, 2007


finally got time to update y'all bout myself..
well,it has been a verrrry long 3weeks for me.
from cutting pictures to pick up Shilpa Shetty and sitttin in a Ferrari 355 spider..
hung a guy onto a tadano crane and lift him up to 8 storey high and swung him around with nno insurance..cuz my asst forgotten to buy it. Pheww...thank god nothing happened.
we shot 3 days.all night shoot.so by now it pretty much sums up the days that we didnt sleep.OMG..shilpa was da BOMB!! Her curves and Hu Hu was MADness!!!!!!! it's totally BomBUSTic man.... i bet thru out the shoot..most of us guys 'die Standing' or rather had 'One Night Stnd' pitching their tent.......wahahahahahaaaa.. the ferrari was superb la.giler dashyat.the mutha whack 240 on the highway.
crazzzyyy man.we took like 20mins to putrajaya from dsara.
but fucking hell...the engine was so dammn noisy...can feel the acceleration man..pick up was awesome.then while shooting another fella brought a Modena model over to out location....
here's some pictures..

the legendary - Karamjit Singh

The Woman that might come between me and my.....

MIss Shilpa Shetty...

the crane story that i tell y'all

The Man's Chatting with the other Man...

Monday, December 17, 2007

this is a bridge that is no longer

View Larger Map

Sorry i am so jakun, but google maps is interesting. The bridge you see this view taken from, must have been sometime before the bridge fell. syok kan?

yeah. i dont have much else to share.

Friday, December 14, 2007

stalkers welcome.

I just found out you can stalk me on google maps.

View Larger Map

that is my car. (the tan honda accord).
if you turn around, you see where i work. (second floor of that building)

google maps streetview is freakin awesome.
now who should i google-stalk?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my dreams wil go on....

The scene is TTDI,in the past.A party is going on
and from it descends Mr.Jason Fuk with
his wife Mdm Fuk Mi Haa, and son Master Tiger.
They are talking, with M.T(Master Tiger)
chatting away about how he wants to see
Naughty America again.Obviously they have
just come from a movie premiere.As they turn a
corner to their car,they are met by a hooded
gunman who tries holding them up.There is a
struggle and M.T parents are murdered in a
bloodbath.M.T is left there, when he is met by
a police officer.There is a screech and a bat
flies overhead...

Twenty years have passed.M.T is now twenty-four
and quite dynamic/dashing:)
The main character has been travelling the world,
training for a war on crime,to avenge his
parents' deaths.He is at the KL International
Airport,where his butler GreGORY picks him up.
The two drive to Sungai Penchala,just outside of
TTDI. M.T watches the city from the distance.
The scene moves to downtown TTDI,where M.T is
wearing a Pikachu mask and his clown costume.
A fight breaks out between him and a pimp which
leads to M.T escaping to a rotting building.
Bleeding badly,he doesn't know whether to continue
his crusade against crime.A screech fills the area
and a bat dives at him, knocking him onto an old
chair. M.T realises his destiny.....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Some Cool Pictures to Kick Start the week!

i got those quote from a site.cool leh?
Rajen maa...champion.. waakakakakaka
anyway here's some dammmmm cool pictures .
MR X: Come on la..balik - balik benda sama..point some where else la...
Rajen : Fuuuuuu!!!!Wahahahahahahah....

This is to all the other Tigers...


* i know i know..it's not as good as Benny Lava..

nothing to write. but i've got a question.

who wrote this at the bottom?

- When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it. -

Friday, December 7, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Isn't She Lovely?

pls view the MAnta Teaser before watching this video..

Isnt she lovely
Isnt she wonderfull
Isnt she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love wed be
Making one as lovely as she
But isnt she lovely made from love

Isnt she pretty
Truly the angels best
Boy, Im so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I cant believe what God has done
Through us hes given life to one
But isnt she lovely made from love

Isnt she lovely
Life and love are the same
Life is aisha
The meaning of her name
Opel, it could have not been done
Without you who conceived the one
Thats so very lovely made from love

Monday, December 3, 2007

Manta Teaser...

This is the compilation of picture i've put together..
hope y'all enjoy..

:) Waahahahahaahha!!!!!!

Starring :-

Featuring :-
Opel Manta 1974


*i just tested the video..it takes quite a while
to load. cuz it's size is about 92mb.
so y'all please hold your horses k..

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Bday to Collin Looi!!

Today's Collin Bday?!!!! dammm....
we need to close down the whole TTDI to celebrate it la!!
neway..since i won't seeing you...
here's a birthday cake , i specially designed for you. 1 of a kind!!
sorry,can't sing u any song...later my baby jealous... :)

happy birthday collin looi!


Friday, November 30, 2007


I'm Shocked. While lepaking at the airport I heard this

Have a good weekend !

I have a tan. So now Im a tanned lioness !!!


xoxox ME

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Manta newsletter....

yo yo...
here's the latest update of my Manta.
took this picture on last tuesday. probably today (thursday) im goin
to klang to take more pictures cuz, they are putting in the bonnet
for me today.I'm very impressed and PUAS HATi with the workmanship.the welding ,
sand down and the Spray Paint job.

the car looks like it has a few colors..seeing from multiple angle.
it will definitely blow some fuckerz minds out la..once it's on the street..
apparetnly a lot of club members (MSVCC - Malaysian Singapore Vintage Car Club)
been talking bout my car..everyone is looking forward to see the finished product.

well there's nothing much that i can say now... so enjoy.

Before & After

Look!!! i can myself!!!! waahahaha

& THE Proud Owner....

To Eugene: No worries bud, it'ls all set for ur Big Day.

* Manta will ROARS near your town on January!!!
- pls check your local listing.

******** Additional Picture. The Signature Series********

The Revival of Manta will not stop until I said so...hhaahahahahaha!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

My manta,my girl...

It's been a while,i wanted to write my dream part 5.

she sat at a burgundy car,

with a fine crystal eye from far,
with two beautiful red roses,
she is sipping coffee with pearl in her mouth,
and thinking of me,
imagine if you're in love with her,
and she's in love with you..

so how? do i still got the touch? :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Attn: All Beta - rians.

To my Fellow BETArians.
apparently someone who's got the BALLS...
just threw the BALL over to our court...
so are goin to just sit down and chill..
or we response to the call?
what say you?we kasi full force or we hold back?

*this msg is only for my Beta peeps.
Alpha kids can Back off.. :p

so guys...
It's ON or It's NOT ON???

ON means


NOT ON means..
we go home and

* while writing this..the Merdeka song is playing beside
me somehow..

~ inilah, barisan kita..
yang ikhlas berjuang..

i think it's a sign....

Polis kata jangan.....

The fella who edited this video really have good comedic timing. I almost laughed my guts out when I saw this video. Enjoy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

here's something for the girls to fantasize about and guys to dream about.. :)

*i'm not gay.. i just like to check out hot guys.. ahahahhaha.. :)

story of a great woman...

here a story of a great mother...

1 word...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

coke ovens.

I was out for a week roadtripping with my buddy Ryan who moved to Colorado.
here are some pictures.

The Colorado Roadtrip album can be found here....

By popular demand

"one more thing, i had to draw out those damn portraits like a couple of days before SPM.
wasnt that nice? when i was all stressed out and everything? to have to draw faces of people distracting me from studying?"

"no hard feelings. no worries!"


Thursday, November 15, 2007

For the sake of nostalgia

I was looking through my old folders and I came across a couple of stuffs of the good ol' days. To the rest of the Tigers, I apologize as I only have 5 Alpha material. If any of you guys have 5 Beta material you should post it up also. First thing is this photograph. It's a first generation scan from a somewhat primitive scanner by today's standard. Although it is dated October 20th 1999, I'm pretty sure it's a year 2000 picture because our form teacher is that Bio teacher (whatever her name is). Our form teacher for 4 Alpha is Puan Rashidah. We look like a bunch of slackers don't we? I can remember all the guy's name but I can't remember all the girls, so if someone could help me out it'll be perfect.

Guys standing, left to right: Hazwan, Dinesh, Chett Ee, Mal, Nick, Greg, Albert, Ahmad, Zain, Alif, Liew, Zul & Hadi.
Guys seating, left to right: Eugene, Edris & Rafeek

Apart from the padang Burhan regulars, where are the rest of them? What about the girls? Anyone has any idea where they are and what they are doing now? Omg, If I hadn't looked at this picture I would not even remember Amelia Yeoh existed. Where is she now huh?

And of course, I found something, probably written by Azlynn if I'm not mistaken, meant to be published in Sasteramas. I dunno why i have the draft copy with me. With the benefit of hindsight, it is a pretty embarrassing piece for some people especially the part in regard to your's truly. But for the sake of nostalgia, I'll publish it here anyways.

Kuala Lumpur-13 November 2020

Majlis gilang-gemilang, Reunion Bekas Pelajar 5 Alpha sesi 2000 telah diadakan di Hotel Pink Flamingo, Kuala Lumpur, hotel bertaraf antarabangsa milik Datin Nur Ashikin Rahmat, dan diadakan pada 13 November bagi memperingati hari Armageddon, exam SPM 2000. Majlis ini bertujuan untuk mengeratkan lagi tali silaturahim dikalangan bekas pelajar 5 Alpha di samping berkongsi pengalaman hidup setelah hampir lebih 20 tahun terpisah.

Di antara tetamu yang hadir adalah; Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Zulkarnain Zulkifli. Sebelum berkecimpung dalam bidang politik, Datuk Zul begitu dikenali sebagai Cactus Zack yakni ahli gusti (wrestling) profesional. Beliau telah memenangi banyak title seperti Malaysian Wrestling Federation (MWF) Champion juga mengharumkan nama negara setelah memenangi WWF Championship. Kini, beliau lebih menumpukan perhatian di pejabat dan berusaha membantu remaja agar tidak lalai dan melakukan kerja- kerja yang tidak berfaedah.

Di luar Hotel Pink Flamingo,kelihatan berduyun-duyun peminat membanjiri kawasan sekitar. Mereka sedang menanti dengan penuh sabar kehadiran pelakon sensasi See Chett Ee atau nama glamournya Aaron Chett. Kutipan filem terbarunya, ML2 – Smoke Underwater telahpun mencecah jutaan ribu ringgit. Mr. Chett kini sedang sibuk menjalani shooting filem terbarunya ‘Sleeping Child’ di Hong Kong. Celebriti yang turut di tunggu-tunggu oleh peminat, tak lain dan tak bukan adalah pengurus kepada girl band baru, G2G yakni Encik Gregory. Beliau telah menerbitkan album G2G yang berkonsepkan hijaukan bumi bertajuk ‘Shades of Green’. Encik Gregory telah pun mendirikan rumah tangga dengan Marit, bekas penyanyi antarabangsa pada satu ketika dahulu.

Di kalangan tetamu di majlis ini, kelihatan Encik Eugene Yap sedang berbual-bual dengan Encik Abdul Hadi yang kedua-duanya sememangnya tidak asing dalam arena sukan negara kita. Encik Eugene merupakan coach pasukan Basketball negara, Malaysia.Baru-baru ini Encik Eugene telah berjaya mengharumkan nama negara setelah pasukan bimbingannya meraih emas dalam acara bola keranjang di Sukan Olimpik 2020.Ia merupakan emas pertama buat negara setelah sekian lama menunggu. Encik Hadi pula telah melonjakkan namanya sendiri sebagai pemain golf nombor 2 dunia, satu tangga di bawah adiknya. Beliau telah menggunakan kemahiran Add Mathsnya untuk menentukan koordinat serta kebarangkalian apabila bermain golf.Untuk pengetahuan semua, Encik Hadi masih lagi membujang dan segala gossip liar yang di lemparkan kepadanya adalah palsu belaka.

Di meja utama kelihatan Datin Raja Nor Liyana bersama suaminya, seorang eksekutif di syarikat telekomunikasi (017) utama dunia. Datin Raja ketika ini merupakan aktivis masyarakat yang membantu golongan wanita ditindas. Turut serta di meja yang sama kelihatan model terkenal dunia, Saudari Ainul Yakin. Beliau sedang berbincang bersama peguam yang juga merupakan rakan sekelasnya, Saudara Syed Zain mengenai kontrak terbaru rangkaian kosmetik yang ditawarkan kepadanya. Saudara Syed Zain sememangnya dikenali sebagai ‘Peguam Berbisa’ kerana berjaya dalam hampir kesemua kes yang dikendalikannya. Kes terbaru membabitkan penyelewengan Peperiksaan Matematik SPM yang di syaki dibocorkan demi kepentingan diri sendiri oleh sesetengah pihak.

Di atas pentas kelihatan dua jejaka kacak tetapi berumur sedang ber’jamming’ bersama-sama. Seorang merupakan Pyrotechnician atau lebih spesifik lagi sebagai pakar bom terkenal, Encik Alif Ahmad. Beliau yang berpakaian serba hitam di majlis ini kelihatan mengajar anaknya bermain gitar.Bersama beliau adalah Encik Edris Fahim,seorang jurutera perisian komputer. Permintaan yang begitu tinggi terhadap kepakarannya, membolehkan Encik Edris memperoleh pendapatan berjuta ringgit setahun. Namun demikian, beliau masih lagi mengamalkan cara hidup sederhana tanpa secalit rasa nerd dalam diri beliau. Encik Timothy yang baru sahaja pulang dari Geneva pula sedang berbual bersama Encik Hatta Hakimi. Encik Timothy telah menerima hadiah Nobel dalam bidang kimia setelah membuktikan kehadiran metil-heksena dalam liquid paper boleh membawa maut.

Di sebuah penjuru,beberapa orang doktor pakar negara, sedang saling bertukar-tukar pendapat dan pengetahuan. Bekas Ketua Murid SMKTTDI 2000, Dr Mohd Rafeek Ismail,seorang pakar bedah, Dr Zurina Omar pakar anestetik, Dr Shafina Radiah pakar psikiatri dan Dr Felicia Oh yang membuka klinik dan makmal radiografi di serata dunia. Sedang menjamu selera pula Puan Ida Suriani, seorang pereka dalaman. Beliau telah pun mereka hias pelbagai landmark negara seperti Istana Negara, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra dan beberapa hotel bertaraf lima bintang.Di sebelahnya,Puan Nawal Rafeza seorang arkitek berjaya dan telah mendapat pengiktirafan sebagai arkitek terbaik di Malaysia bersempena dengan Persidangan Seni Bangunan Sedunia.

Di meja bersebelahan,Ketua Wanita MCA, Datin Alice Tan bersama dengan Datuk Amelia Yeoh, Setiausaha Agung United Nations sedang berbicara hal politik dunia. Begitu juga dengan Datuk Nicholas Lee, jurucakap keamanan (spokesperson) di Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu. Namun, Datin Seri Dr Azlynn Ardilla, isteri kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia lebih rela bergossip bersama entrepreneur berjaya, Puan Nur Farah Abdullah yang telah pun membuka cawangan FFC (Farah’s Fried Chicken) yang ke-1000 pada minggu lepas.

Encik Dinesh, pemenang kesemua Hindi Awards yang membabitkan dirinya, dalam Pesta Filem Bollywood terpaksa membatalkan temujanjinya bersama produser filem di Mumbai, India semata-mata kerana ingin bersua semula dengan rakan lamanya Encik Liew Way Kiat. Encik Way Kiat, seorang pengarah urusan syarikat penerbitan filem dokumentari dan dokumentari terbarunya memaparkan beberapa fosil dinosaur yang telah dijumpai dan digelar ‘Barney’. Spekulator matawang asing terkenal, Tan Sri Albert Tan juga turut hadir di majlis reunion ini.Pengasas fahaman Kiasunisme ini sedang dalam proses membuktikan bahawa kepercayaannya itu dapat membantu negara mengatasi krisis ekonomi negara yang melanda pada tahun 2015 lalu. Beliau bukan sahaja membantu menstabilkan ekonomi negara tetapi juga ekonomi negara luar. Chairman Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (PON), Tan Sri Zohair Akmal dan pemegang syer terbesar syarikat hartanah, Tan Sri Ahmad Fadhly sedang sibuk membincangkan projek yang bernilai berjuta-juta ringgit. Pembinaan kilang itu dikatakan akan memberi pulangan yang lumayan kepada kedua-duanya. Encik Hazwan,seorang pereka lama web terkemuka telah pun mencipta nama di peringkat antarabangsa apabila laman web yang diusahakannya mendapat tempat di hati semua lapisan masyarakat terutamanya golongan pemuda.

Puan Malinder Kaur,jurutera telekomunikasi terbaik di Malaysia bersama Puan Teh Nor Aliaa sedang sibuk berbual-bual.Puan Teh Nor Aliaa telah menubuhkan Syarikat ‘Switch’ yang telah menjadi jam rasmi sempena Sukan Olimpik 2020 khususnya dalam arena renang.Beliau mendapat inspirasi untuk membuka syarikat ini setelah berkahwin dengan Ian Thorpe Jr, perenang kebangsaan negara.Turut serta, Datuk Ungku Izmin Farah, Menteri Perpaduan Masyarakat.Beliau sedang berusaha gigih dalam membantu menyatupadukan rakyat setempat.Beliau turut dibantu oleh Puan Susan, seorang ‘Missionary’. Beliau banyak membantu dalam menjaga kebajikan rakyat terutamanya kanak-kanak terabai.

Begitulah kiranya majlis Reunion bekas para pelajar 5 Alpha sesi 2000. Majlis yang diserikan dengan kehadiran ramai ahli perniagaan, Menteri-menteri, dan golongan professional ini bukanlah untuk berbangga ataupun bermegah diri. Tapi hanyalah sekadar secalit kejayaan bekas pelajar 5 Alpha hasil bimbingan dan tunjuk ajar guru-guru SMKTTDI.

Reminisance 5 Alpha

I don't know which crystal ball the writer(s) referred to but apart from "Datin Raja Nor Liyana bersama suaminya...." section, everything else is pretty much hogwash. But prophetic messages was not the intention of this article. It is meant to be more of a symbolism of our teenage optimism towards our future lives; happy, prosperous and still being somewhat united. Lets try to keep it that way.

Okay, ball is on your court, 5 Beta 2K.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Why do people visit our blog

Hey guys,

I found some interesting stuff while looking over the stats for this blog. While looking at the search terms that got people redirected to this blog, I got a few terms which I thought was amusing. If you can't see the screen capture above clearly, click on it for the full size view.

Look at the one right on top. Someone searched for "pck cheating wife other digging your nose". Weird one. And if isn't obvious enough, this guy originated from our neighbor down south.

The thing that got me amused was how Google displayed our blog in their search results when some horny people were looking for some material to......well, to do whatever horny people do in front of their computers. "cerita ghairah", "video sex 5minit" and "guys whanking". Ewww. How is our website related in any ways to these search terms. Did anyone of you secretly posted your encounters yang menghairahkan on this blog? Did Rajen upload his "personal videos" (if you know what i mean) on this blog? I think we all deserve some answers here.

Then there are some less ordinary searches like "melayu lelaki" and "what do tigers eat". As for the former, it must be some girl (or guy) looking for relationship/dating partners. I'd suggest he/she try some real dating sites for that. Or it could be some researcher genuinely doing some research on melayu lelaki.

As for the latter, why is that fella so interested in what WE eat? Mosin lah. And also B.A.B.I for the Master.

That's all for now folks. Live long and prosper. \\//_

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

my darkest Secret..... :)

i figured that it's bout time for you guys
to know what i've been doin all these while..
so behold the truth.

so do tell your frens bout me..
im actually the real Mawi official impersonator.
i often replaces him for functions..or
becomes his body double for movies...

i was 1st option before Vin Diesel....it's really me..
u can tell by that muscular arm..

I was Blade Mawi...

I'm Koala Mawi...come gimme Hug...

I'm Your Doctor.. call me when ur in Heat..

I'm Mr. Fantastic...

We shot this at Rome...apparently..

My 1st Kung Fu movie...they want me to Hustle..

i've work with the beautifool Miss Angie Jolie


Me against Brother Samy....
may the best man wins.

you guys can call me for shows.. booked me at mawikool@koolmawi.com
Mawi World!! Big Up!!


we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm