a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

my surprise 25th year old birthday..

hey guys..

i just wanna let you guys know that i love you guys to the max for the surprise party.. i've just recovered from it.. ahaha.. i bet if anyone drank my piss the next morning , you guys will get drunk on that.. ahahhaa..

special thanks to my girlfriend and my family.. and you guys who came.. seriously i've never thought that i would be getting a surprise party ... i'm going through the pics that whoever took with my camera..

thank you guys again.. honestly , i was almost gonna tear the first ten minutes.. i couldn't take the whole thing.. seeing you guys there and shit.. that's why i went in for a while.. ahahahha.. screw you guys.. you guys are the best!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

More funny pictures

since i've nothing to 'cock' about this weekend.
let's give chance to these few pictures to shine.
seriously some funny shit.

The Place for the Real Coffee..

My favorite Apple product. It's the Icontrol

I'm your Father....

This makes WWF is looks more like WTF!!!!

I'm not allowed beyond this sign....

The Replacement Killer.... remake 2010...

Somebody is messing in the wrong neighborhood....poor kid.

This is dedicated to Liew and Jason.... and Ong as well.

This is for 24 fans....great give.

i also include this picture which i think it's dammmm cool.
try click on it and checkout the details. it's a pretty awesome piece of art.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Medical Scam

Do not fall for this, it is a scam! Let all your loved ones know about this. This is a medical scam!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my dreams... trying to continue.

opening shot of an evening horizon where the sun meets the sea.
time was around 5-10minutes to seven. i couldn't remember well.

i knew i was not alone cuz i was reading this magazine with the cover of an green creature with big head who reminds me of my soon to be 25yrs fren, lam.and an UFO behind it with a distinct red wording that reads 'You Are Not Alone!!!' ...

yes, i'm at my mansion in malibu.having my annual vacation with my long time fiance, Vinnie and our Pug name Julie. later at night we're attending a ball hosted by Sri Yudhish Baba the future ambassador of Ktulu Kekekeee.the ball starts at 9pm,so vinnie decided to have some last minute shopping with twiggy.

rajen invited a few frens to meet up before heading off to the ball with his customed limo Manta which can fit now approx 14 ppl inside. introducing the character of 2012.

Fua the Sin Ka Oil Ltd. Tycoon.

Lam the MACWorld.com. Leading world distributor

Dinesh a.k.a Malaysian Bachan the Engineer turn International Superstar.

Yudhish the 1st Indian to own a Secret Recipe in North pole.

Tun Liew the 1st ever Tun's that owned 72 Kalimantan Elephant Ears.

Captain Ong was awarded the Top Gun III title after his counter act upon terrorist on the 797Bangbus carrying 2800 Iraqi from crashing into the land of USA.
Now his names stands side by side with Tom Cruise.

Sir Lick Knee the Noble prize winner 2010,The Most Humane Human for inventing the Semi - Auto robotic Nose picker machine for the Lazy Ppl.

Dr. Gan the world's top 5 clit...i mean Gynecologist
(world's No.1 gyne is Mr Garuoun Puki from japan)

and Gregory Wong the monkee that started celinedionism...

so, they were all at the Gaming Room chilling , pooling and darting.

Rajen : Fuuuuuuuuhhh!! din ur on the news again man!

Din : Dun trust what you guys read ok... i did not do those kinda things.

Nick : For real nigga'??

Fua : Kaninabu! fucka, so how was she la?? tight ass?

Rajen : dah main??what's her name again ah...

Yudhish : Nin.....

Way Kiat : Aaaaaa.... so whose next?? all in onot? i got 2 pair.Gan , u follow onot?

Gan : up urs man,con kow me ah..everytime oso can get flush..

way Kiat : eh deude, im the god of gamblers maa...dun la marah...cari makan.

Nick : i'm folding man, ive got a slow hand tonight..

everyone was doin there thing...suddenly Ong came in..

Ong : ei..look look i tangkap this crab outside there..check out its 'Khong' man.. dam kow big.

Fua : see how la..... :)

Lam : ya , ya..dam big man.. scuse' me.. ' Hello,Val...

Julie : woof wuf fuf....

Rajen : what crab u dapat??? Fa Hai???? Chau Hai? Ma Hai???

Ong : Lei Lo Mo Ke Fa Hai!!!

Rajen : OIT!!! tiuniaseng ah!! Mun Siang tarak ajar ka!!!

DIn,Yudhish : ei,guys guys!!chills la..

Din's pulling Ong, Yudhish is grabbing Rajen...

Fua : Lanciao la...i dun think Rajen dare to whack Ong...

Nick : i dunt think so homie... slap that fool,bitch!!

Lam : Oi oi...we all duwana go langkawi ok.....i pokai edi... val just bougth the whole Asadi Winter Collection...

Rajen : what u said fua???

Yudhish : he said....

Din : shhhhh shhhh...

Nick batu api!!!

Nick : tell him man!! tell him!!

Fua : Raj.... (KEDUPP!!)

rajen smashed fua........

(to be continued)

p/s: Eugene couldn't enter the dream cuz he's a family man.Sorry boss... i scared later i salah mimpi bout papaya farm..then you'll get into trouble with Beatrice... :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 minute'ers

Hehe, I just saw this commercial on TV the other day. It took me about 3 or 4 seconds to get the joke, but once i got it I was laughing non stop! Enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

the good ol' days.

i will start brainstorming today and tomoro for the next instalments of 'my dreams' .
but til then i've nothing yet.actually i started thinking since last nite...but nothing came to me.
maybe my source of inspiration too far away from me..dats y got no inspirasi.
instead i took my camera a took a few pictures in my room.

Scouts NIght. 'Malam Suai Kenal' i think was taken during Form 4.

This is at Raja a.k.a Twiggy at her place during her bday or some gathering..
(dinesh,julian,nicholas lee,bak,rajen,fua,lim,way kiat,yudhish,hadi and greg)

some good memories to chuck in.... :)
but now she's OWNED. so BACK OFF ppl.

The 1 ever most Successful Annual Scout Dinner. Batch 2000.
Mess with the Best,U die like the Rest.
( eugene,radzlan,rajen,greg,cikgu xxx,nazmi,julian,yudhish,dinesh and rafeek)

this was taken either julian or dinesh leaving to oversea...
the tiger's night out...muahahahaaaa..
(complete circle - julian,rajen,tan,fua,dinesh,bak,ong,lam,yudhish and way kiat)

the evergreen band 'Tourmaline',they disbanded during 1999.
heard that they are planning a comeback on 2013.
(left to right - rafeek,juling,lam,greg,dinesh and rajen)

this was 5Beta picnic day....scandalous. :)
(left to right - rajen,yudhis,sara,anis,julian,bak and lam)

i have a few more picture,maybe i will load it next time la,
hope you guys enjoy this.i could have taken better picture.but my hand is shaking at that time..
wonder why...

neway... zip it up and zip it out!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

facebook everyone!!!!!

for those who don't have facebook , please sign up.. its easier to tag the photos and play scrabble...

here's my account.. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=628045538

other people who malas wanna add me , leave your facebook link.. i'll add up...

before i sleep..

good night everyone..

i was browsing youtube for some funny shit...and i find this rather entertaining.

it's called ' El Caramelo'

dam cun..seriously. not the girl.but the guys reaction was priceless...

ok. g'night.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lapar tak?

Who likes to increase theyre vocab - and feed hungry people at the same time?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Any librarians around??

Apple is da bomb and you guys know it.. ahahha..

If you havent been watching Steve Jobs' Keynote presentation at today's Macworld 2008 , you would think that the picture you see above , is just a piece of aluminium sheet with an Apple logo on it ... but what can i say , Apple has done it again!!! it's the new laptop , and it's called MacBook Air.. not because it's floating.. but because of the whole idea of being wireless... shit i dunno where to start.....

check out the rest of the post here.... trust me.. it's just unbelievable..!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


oit ito oti tio...

today is selasa,tuesday a.k.a Pai Yee...
liew just called. later we are goin for badminton at 1130pm..
'gay' hobby as my fren dinesh would say... hmmmm...screw it la.

i was goin thru some homemade videos...then i came across this.

i dedicate this song to all Tigers and lioness and friends
i think it's a nice soothing song. too bad no one else
besides ppl who visit this blog could hear it..what a waste.

the song doesnt have a name yet..
but u guys can refer to it as the 'C.F' song..
lemme know what u think...

Monday, January 14, 2008


oit oit..

First of all... need to thank my baby V.G and my dearest fucka Dinesh for the bday post...
thank thanks....kiss V.G no kiss din....

it's monday, back in office...
bosan giler babi. Yo My God!!! got nothing in my head....
now just staring at the screen, thinking and typing.got two monkees in front of me.
1 is my boss the other wan is my producer.

both oso wear dam slick today...dunno if later got meeting or what?
me is wearing my favorite short army cargo pants,my crocs and my favorite orange hawaiian shirt..
cuz i feels like Hanging Loose today... it's been a tiring weekend. if u know what i mean.
with parties and dramas....i decided to give myself a break..so this morning i go whack Chee Cheong Fun big time..somewhere near my house..fucka cost me rm7.80 , bollocks is making money man... i think i better quit my job and go sell bak kut teh or Babi goreng...oopss sorry...we got muslim audience in the HOUSE..... wat i meant was 'CHICK KUT TEH' & AYAM GORENG.....

i gaved up babi long ago..now im a Chicken Man!!! totally pork free... so im considered halal..
can date muslim chicks... that if i can get my MA'ams approval la...

dam what crap am i talking here.... kebosanan tahap dewa man....no la..dewa oso not as bosan like this until layan sorang sorang...urmmm...

last night went yamcha with the gang. at the Sacred Temple of Mosin. where they served the best Chicken tandoori & BomTAJ. serious guys.. it's top in the BOMBAY chart ok!!!! well at least in mine it does...aiya..talk is cheap here..come on la..next time whoever is back here..i bring u to mosin..then we kena 1 nice,big,fat,juicy BOMTAJ with extra Mayonnaise...
i'm sure'll go ' Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!'

last week what happened eh?? got anything else to update?? hmmm...
oh ya.. where the hell is my DVD rewinder? i thought u guys getting me 1?? tiiuu!!!

i wanted to put up the bday pictures..but now the material is with din.maybe later la..chilleks guys..

here..i dedicate a video to 1 of my many good fren. The Cute Tiger..

Starring : -
Hero Tiger : The Cute Tiger
Watak Sampingans 1 : Thambiland Tiger
Watak Sampingans 2 : The Black Mamba Tiger
Watak Sampingans 3 : Doctor Thai Girl
Guest Voice : Master Tiger..

this was taken on july 2006 ,where we all
are cracking our heads deciding where to watch the world cup.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Bday Rajen

First, to set u straight wif the facts of life...
Football isn't gay.. u just wished so cos u don't play the game. Badminton... hmmm....
A DVD Rewinder..hmmm.. seriously, not from the tigers...

u know us (the tigers), we enjoy our times together. but present present.. quite far fetched la..
when was the last time any of us gave each other a proper present?

anyway dude, happy birthday man
we will celebrate ur bday for the 2nd time tomorro yea.. drink like there's no tomorrooo
as a good friend once said.. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

anyways, gnite n hope u live a happy n gay life wif ur new found passion.. badminton.. .

happy bday once again my friend.

Friday, January 11, 2008

On Daddy's Birthday !!!!

Well Tigers sekalian its Rajen's bday !!! - Picture above taken 2 yrs ago of a Young Rajen

So I'll do a wee write up. Also this is my first post for 2008 and its for you Rajen !

I first met Rajen through Dinny. I was in Dinny's room - nothing like that ok downloading OC - Not Porn (I know you guys borrow Din's HD for Porn). Then Rajen came along we were sitting on the bed this guy was like so quiet not like the Rajen we all know and love kan ! So I was like 'Din whats up with your friend so un-friendly.'
But then later Rajen and me got close we go mamak together, hang out together one day he even took me shopping !!!! YES that's the truth about Rajen. Also we like to eat alot.

So there you go Happy Birthday to a great friend and buddy. I want to thank you on behalf of all the tigers for the brain child of this blog. I at least have something from home to look forward to but more so all the creativity and laughter you have provided us. You are very original with all your comic strip postings, story telling tales etc etc.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!



my brain is clogged...can't really think.
dunnno know what to write oso...

hmmm....was thinking of goin out tonight..since im not goin to terengganu.
as planned last week.. that's why we had the pre party at atrium.

neway..i will have a chat with the boys later la....

meanwhile... here's some random pictures that i wana share...

Me trying to 'cekik' Jamal..
cuz the way she eats the orange is very 'Disturbing'...hhhaahahaaa

Football is Gay..

I wana get a DVD rewinder for my bday....

My man Mr. Sammy....chill brotha.

Prince Charming Fairy Tale.....

nuff said...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008



bloody cock my body is aching like hell..
last nite went badminton with Din,way kiat , Lam and Marge..
gila man... i havent played badminton in like 4-6 years man..
movement and pick ups oso dah slowdown edi..

havent been so sporty after so many years...
so this post im dedicating it to Lam , Dumbo and Dinesh.
for inspiring me,thanks babe.

looking forward for another session.
i think y'all shud fck futsal and play badminton la..
more gempak sikit.

yesterday before we went to the hall..
i've installed a camera on the wall.. and here's 1 of the picture of me taken while doin my killer Smash!!

sorry la..it's a cheap camera.. so look a bit 'stretch' and
the flash is too kw..makes me look white.
..i shud have white balanced the camera...

For the Lioness..


since i promised a poem for my dear vinnie..here is one i FOUND.
sorry dear..got no time for inspirations. but if the words really do come..
it would somthing like this..... i wish!!! hehe..

Away from home.

sit here in this foreign bed
so many thoughts in my head
Like, I'll be here and you'll be there
I hope you know how much I care.

Sometimes it takes bein apart
makes us feel that piece in our heart.
That we don't think about'long enough
times like this, may seem tough.

I know I love u and u love me
thats the way it will always be.
May seem kinda really strange
Its damn sure something that wont change.

So I'll leave you with this little note
I'll be your lifesaver,you don't need a boat
While you layin sleeping in our bed
may dreams of us dance in your head.

© By Anthony S. Marks

well, it takes me about 10 minutes to find this poem.
hope u enjoyed it...
at least i'm being honest right.
it's the thought that counts.


Friday, January 4, 2008

My First post for 2008...

HAppy Yeppi everybody...

how was your new year's party??? how it's well spent.
well.. i started work on the 1st.. suxx right..
been a bit tight up with the working schedule.but i still find time to update the blog..
I've just got hold of the new year picture dinesh. but im still waiting for the rest from jul,ong and lam...

I'm working on a petronas commercial.
this time i'll be playing with F1 cars and oil rig...
yup.. BMW sauber F1 sponsored by petronas... urmmm..
I'll be traveling in style this time around..
yeah..I'm going to be on a Helicopter..traveling from kl to Kerteh. ( Resak Dulang Platform)
it's a great job to the year with...hopefully Good business to everyone and myself.

my resolution for this year is to work hard and do something meaningful and at the same time...try to be a bit more serious.

for our frens who's not in town with us..we know that you guys had a blast time on years as well.. do share the joy man..

so together in this post.. i give you.. a lil' get together before the dusk of 2008..

call me for audition... 012 374 XXXX !!!!
*watch where the hand is.....kantoi-ed

Cam Whoresss....

1 for Valene..

and 1 for Lam See How..

Ong's showing off his Moon Walk..


Don't Move Part 1.

Don't MOVE!! i saw something....

Rajen : Din, what do you think???
Dinesh : I think he's goin to do somethign stupid man....

Anonymous 1 :Hell Yeah!!! Say Helloo to my little friend...
Anonymous 2 : Hold ur horses man..lemme finish my ciggie 1st.

Lam : OMG!!!!!!! faster pass me the camera.!!!!!!!!
Valene : Sayang..dun move..I tengah maintain nie....
Din : haih... cina mabuk...
Rajen : JUL!!! say hello to his little friend!!!!!

Lastly, words from our sponsors..

Sponsors : Drink and Smoke more for Healthier Living.
Hang Loose!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

thou shalt not make repetitive generic music

Eugene!!! for your wedding's slow dance..

hey Eugene..

and to the rest of the guys.... here's a video to inspire you guys for your wedding's slow dance.. it's freaking awesomeness to the maximumness!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008... Bring it!

its that time of year again.
im off for a steamboat dinner with my malaysian buddies, then party downtown with the girlfriend with moet (+open bar!) and live music.
peace out y'all, happy new year, and THUNDERCATS ARE GO!

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm