a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Post-Mortem & Damage Control

Okay, it's already Wednesday back in Malaysia, which means Hari Bahasa Malaysia is over. I thank everyone of you for participating in this thing and as the Master Tiger said, it was pretty successful.

Also, I was alerted about what happened back home earlier regarding the pantuns we made. After reading everything I've came to the conclusion the we, the participants in this blog were indeed at fault to what has happened here.

To Yudhis, on behalf of everyone on this blog, we offer you our sincerest apology for what we have written in this blog the past 24 hours. We were just having too much fun and we got carried away, forgetting the golden rule of blogging here. Though none of us meant it as an insult in anyway, the fact that it made you unhappy and upset meant that we had done something very wrong. While we are committed to the right of freedom of expression for all bloggers here, we do not condone what we did on Tuesday. As an act of retribution, I will remove any post or comments that you want to be removed. Again, please accept our sincerest apology. We meant no harm.

I can assure you and everyone else that this will not happen again. All bloggers please take note. Have fun, but don't get carried away.

Barring this incident, I think we can continue to have Tuesdays as our BM day. I suggested sajak for next week but the lioness suggested haiku instead, which i think is more fun, though it'll be slightly tougher than pantun. Also please remember that ALL POST & COMMENTS on that day must be in BM. I'll make an exception this week for the post by Yudhis earlier for obvious reasons.

Your's truly,
Chief Tiger


i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

chief tiger...

i have to say.. there are overtones of totalitarian (albeit in this instance socially just) rule here.

Censorship is questionable and debatable beb. While i refrain from future slanderous posts and apologize for my previous ones - its been my understanding that slander is one of the pillars of the ttdi crew. When we yum cha and talk cock, we've not needed moderators or invigilators before right?
I prefer that authors be offered the choice and opportunity to remove their posts at their own discretion.
I always reckoned that reason, moderation, and tolerance of our members would govern the direction of this blog.
While we had to watch our words around cikgu2 or whatever, i didnt expect that we would have to watch our words with each other.

Gregs said...

Dear Grandmaster Tiger,

Due to the enormous amount of contributors to this blog, there must be some sort of governance to keep everything to work in an orderly manner. I have always maintained that the direction of this blog will be ruled by consensus.

The fact that me together with the Master Tiger having admin status over this blog does not make us firsts among equals. It just gives us the ability to execute the wishes of the majority of this blog.

The foundation of this blog has always been based on the right of freedom of self expression. In the real world, victims of such liberties has a recourse; the judiciary. Unfortunately we, being just a virtual society here does not afford one.

As you, and all of us would have admitted, what we all did was slanderous. And while it is, to a certain degree, true that slander is one of the pillars of the ttdi crew, it has only been tolerated, never accepted.

In any just society, the victim has as much right as anyone else. We all acknowledge that Yudhis was a victim of us embracing and exercising this so-called freedom of self expression. Therefore in my opinion Yudhis has every right to a recourse.

Trust me, I am caught between a rock and a hard place here. I pledged never to censor but at the same time I my values and morals tells me never to unnecessarily cause harm in any way to anyone. I therefore had to take an exception and to make a compromise in this case.

The only posts or comments that I will remove with great reluctance are those that, in Yudhis' own opinion, victimizes him.

We all work in goodwill here and since we all have sincerely apologize to Yudhis, I'm hoping that he extend the same goodwill to us in that he makes no demand of any posts to be removed.

Freedom and liberty is a double edged sword. All I'm trying to do is to blunt the side that is pointing to us, so that we do not hurt ourselves. Wait, it'll still hurt, but hopefully it won't kill us.

Your's truly,
Da Chief Tiger

el_fuser said...

what is haiku???

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

i always thought slander was a rite of passage amongst us - implying it is accepted, but not welcome. (although typically encouraged)

point well taken. I was just getting concerned about repercussions of our actions on this blog - Amongst the tigers, i felt we've always had the ability and privilege to speak our minds. Just trying to provide some checks to the balances in place.
(Saya dapat A1 untuk moral tau!)

7thlovechild said...

especially in cyber space , i think we should have the freedom to speak wateveer we want...

if we said something offensive / wrong , we apologize la..... we don't mean it wan mar..

V|vac|ous said...

Sam: haiku is a short poem thing 3 lines. First line lima sukukata , 2nd line tujuh sukukata and 3rd line 5 sukukata.

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm