a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

right... finally.

alritey tigers,
its been awhile... well, the reason why i haven been able to post anything was because i have been caught up with work thus forgetting my password. anyway, thanks to grand master tiger (rajen) i have managed to enter the den once more. since i have never posted much, i just want to thank all the tigers and the lone liger; which in fact is a mix between a tiger and a lion, well that is a whole different story all together; for keeping this blog up! kudos to all of you. its really good to be able to come home every night and to read all the nonsense which you guys write. its freaking entertaining hey..
well, for those who are not familiar with me, apparently i'm the aussie tiger, but i think theres two here in the land down under. the lain- lain tiger is the other (juls). first of all, i'm doing quite fine here in melbourne. weathers been a touch too cold for my tropical unbringing but i'm managing. recently, i've been offered the head chef position at my current place and the thought of it has been a bit daunting to me. simply because for the tigers which grew up with me, i've never been the one with much character. and to lead a bunch of pyscho's in a hot, small kitchen is in fact can abit stressful. but so far so good, no one has lost a finger yet; not a whole one anyway.
i for that matter have had 5 sticthes on my forehead, almost lost half my finger, and had 2 pyschotic episodes in my time i have worked here. but it has been a journey and to see all my good friends out there doing well and enjoying every moment of it, i salute you. to kwai lo tiger; man! i thought you sudah mati! i haven seen you for like ages bro!! to the lioness, i think we should call you liger.. nice to have finally see what the big hoo ha is about! cheers hey! and to the rest of the tigers, lets keep the all rolling and stay in touch! by the way, john rambo kicks ass!!! in the words of nic, KEGANASAN!! hell ya! thanks to t3 (lam) for that. well, to beatrice, i know you come to this site every morning, i have finally posted something. well, more kitchen stories in the many months to come! cheers buddies! and keep on posting.

aussie tiger.


i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

5 stitches and an incomplete digit? do tell..

Gregs said...

Yo, head chef man....lets all give a toast to the aussie tiger.

howsurmother? said...

toast means Yam Seng? hel yeah.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Sennnnnnnnnnnnnnng!!!!!

julian. said...

Yeah I realised that when the blog first started, but I didnt say anything. So then.. I become the aussie lain lain tiger??

p.s. Congrats on the offer! Now its time for you to decide on what YOU wanna do, eh?

shah & drew said...

head chef?! congratulations!

hey, how do you cook when there's no water, ah? -- i'm refering to the aussie drought

me, dead? you thought so just because we haven't met in 7 years? what kind of friend are you?! LOL

V|vac|ous said...

Im a lioness babes. There are no ligons or tigons here. Been a lioness ages ago. Had my own zoo even. I have a personal body guard. Well you have to have one if you are featured on Nat Geog so often. He is a Rotty !
Anyways CONGRATS ! Love men who can cook ! So here is a big CHEERS TO YOU !

Aliaa said...

Aussie lain lain tiger??? wahahahha!! *chokes*coughs*


and congratulations Eugene for the Head Chef gig. That's FULLY SICK mate! LOLS...

I'm feeling HAPPEEEE... *waves hello to all*!!!

7thlovechild said...

Dude... just do it... we're natural born leaders dude... just have to realise that it's in yourself...

DO IT>... dont dissapoint us!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

you gotta reprezent TTDI yo. hehe

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm