a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

To try something different?

Alright guys.. I've got a (minor) decision to make with what I can do with my spare time. As you guys know me from before, I love playing the music I listen to as per Coma Matter and high school (remember playing Last Kiss in Form 4? hahaha good times!). As of now, I am looking around and about to start a band here. First thing I gotta do is get a drum kit, which I am saving up for now(those who are more musically inclined ie Lam and Nick - I'll be asking you guys for your opinions on what kit to get soon) but an opportunity has come up for me to do something entirely different - the Latin/Salsa scene.

You read right. This is what happens when you have a crazy Chilean friend/colleague that is popular in Sydney as a Latin DJ and dancer (you can google him - DJ WillieSabor, probably more hits at google.com.au) and he's trying to convince me to try dancing and be a percussionist for his DJ shows. Lets face it - I am a shit dancer, and even though he said he will train me up without a problem, I dont think I am confident enough to try that. But a conga player at nightclubs? Hmm... lets break it down to a few pro's of doing that:

1) Women.
2) Women.
3) I get paid to go out to nightclubs to play.
4) Its something totally different, which can be pretty exciting.
5) Its fun, and I can already get the contacts for a good start, unlike my first love.
6) Did I mention the hot Australian and South American women? I think I did :)

I am aware that something like this is not very intellectual, and I know that I will get some negative comments for even considering this(and please do not judge me, I'm not that seriously into this). But.. What the heck. Its not going to change who I am - its just something on the side. Its not going to hurt to try different stuff while you still can, right? And its something shockingly different. I mean.. its almost like trying to imagine Lam or Rajen being a salsa dancer(hahah sorry!).

I actually had second thoughts posting this.. but fuck it. So what do you guys think? Would you try it? Penny for your thoughts :)


V|vac|ous said...

Stop copying me and find your own activity with regards to salsa.
Good luck with the rest.

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

its ONNN bitchface!

seriously. salsa is the shit.
I am not the least embarrassed to say that i (heart) salsa.
Ladies are hot, the men take the lead, everybody gets sweaty in a good way. Whats not to like?
You can rock out all you like, but ladies still love a james-bond-like motherfucker.

actually, there was this screamo show going on downtown, and lead singer (after a long scream-set)... ran down to the crowd, picked his girlfriend up and did some CRAZY salsa moves... to the backing sound of a hardcore screamo band.

go on then, get rico suave on their asses.

howsurmother? said...

me and lam doin salsa? that's sexy wei!! we'll get all the bitches in the houzeee!!!

neway,go for it man.extra pocket money! or unless you're making loads there la.... :)

Aliaa said...

eh ok what... but wait, *imagines Julian lancing lancing* erm... maybe you should stick to the drumming! LOLS

Nolah... sure can one. If he makes you to sexy latin lovah dancing and impressing all the ladies, i'll pay to see that shit!

Cheers to all!!

7thlovechild said...


Rock is dead... do the salsa thing... at least it's different... drumming , do it part-time... still do form the band... but at the same time , learn new skill...

wah... cun habis la..hmmm.. i'll check out on this salsa thing... if it's interesting , maybe.. just maybe i'll check it out....

7thlovechild said...

wah... i'm so excited for you laaaaa... do the salsa and the electronic-percussion thinggy... damn cool la dude... wah.... best best..... all the best la....

shah & drew said...

are you OK, lam? LOL

what's up with the "bitchface", nick? LOL

i have to do lot of LOLs cause work is damn stressful right now! :(

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm