a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dave Matthews Band Live

To anyone that appreciates music, seeing Dave Matthews Band live should be on the top of their list. Seeing them is not all about the fancy lights and huge LCD screens that every other band has. Its all about the music. Seriously, you won't come across another band with as much talent as these guys. With the way they seamlessly blend into each other's notes and how they can pull off a jam session out of practically every song, its just.. unbelievable.

I know it seems like its only now I'm getting into them, but for those of you that haven't heard their music yet, its definitely worth a look. Nick - you should've tried exposing them to me a long time ago :) I still remember you showing me the Before These Crowded Streets cd at your place when we were in.. form 3 or 4. Pity I didn't make more of an effort to listen to them then.

Alright.. enough of a rant from me for now. More pictures will come when I see Nine Inch Nails and Silverchair live later this week :)


i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

wanker. your music tastes were "too hardcore" to appreciate dmb at the time eh?
im old now man... i only listen to old people music now.

7thlovechild said...

biatch.... take more pictures of my good friend , mr trent reznor ok??? i heard that silverchair's coming out with a new album.. sure gonna rock my socks off wan...

*new linkin park sucks big big big big time.... i thought they were supposed to be heavier... SHITTTTTTTT.. the whole album is SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTT ... i used to have respect for them... but now ...... SHIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTt fuck them man... chiow..

V|vac|ous said...

Thanks nick its hardcore to the point it hantu-ish !

julian. said...

vivacious - har har very funny. hantu-ish?? please, nick and lam(and you should by now) know well enough that my taste in music is much more diverse than a lot of people. some stuff is much heavier than others, but other stuff is alternative or.. similiar i guess.

nick - haha at that time, hmm.. maybe my taste was. i was just getting into music at that time. but still.. dmb is different and i think i would've noticed it that time itself. nevermind.. its never too late to get into them :)

lam - dont worry i will say hi to him for you. anything else u want me to say to him? give him a copy of your yet to be seen demo? :) and you idiot, silverchair's new album came out more than a month ago. i have it already and its... alright i guess. different but not different to the point where its great like Neon Ballroom. I think the songwriting isnt as good as before. But i havent got into it yet fully. so go listen to it and tell me what you think. with linkin park.. i briefly heard it a few days ago.. and yeah it does sound like it has taken a turn for the worst. gimme some time to clear my head of these concerts first before i give you my proper verdict :)

man.. im soo pumped for nin tonight!! its gonna be awesome!!!

el_fuser said...

try black metal at least... Rotting Christ?? or viking metal (it's more pleasant to the ears) like Ensiferum.. if you're really interested in this bands i give the title of their songs.. Keravnos kyvernitos (Rotting Christ) or Ferrum Aeternum (Ensiferum).. if not, just get Red hot chili peppers' Stadium Arcadium... puas hati sial.. if anyone need any advice in music, feel free to message me...

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm