a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

By Popular Demand

Note: The problem of having to manage two blogs is sometime you accidentally post something in the wrong blog. This posting was meant for this blog but I accidentally posted it in my own personal blog earlier.


Okay, since everyone was so fascinated with BM as if it was some exotic language from some pacific island, I've decided to make every Tuesday of the week as BM day for this blog. Any post AND comments that is publish between 12:01am to 12:00 midnight Tuesday, standard Malaysian time (+800 GMT) will have to be in BM.

Posts that are time stamped Tuesdays but are in any language other than BM will be deleted. I hope there is support from all TTDI Tigers and Lioness for this thing. Failure to comply may result in your blogging privileges being revoked.

Remember, only Tuesdays, all posts and all comments must be in BM. What do you think? We are Malaysians after all, and we must love our national language. This is one small little thing we can do for our country. I would like this to start next Tuesday, May 29th.

What do you guys think?



V|vac|ous said...

Yes good idea intead of identifying us by M,C,I or L-L we are should always say Malaysians.

Cadangan anda di sokong dan di lulus kan di bawah rang undang- undang Seksyen 34 sub-seksyen 3!

Saya dengan suka citanya mengistiharkan Hari BM !

God that really hurt my brain my spoken BM is much better ! Typical native !

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

we MUST love our national language?
i would assume that cubans also MUST love their US-imposed capitalist embargo, and chinese nationals MUST love communism.

this obviously may be a little more challenging to us tigers out of the motherland, i welcome the challenge. I have always identified myself as malaysian first. (americans generally dont quite grasp this concept)

juxtaposed as it may seem to celebrate freedom of speech with self imposed handicaps:
asalkan saya bebas merapu, saya sokong cadangan kamu.

Gregs said...

Maybe I should rephrase. As Malaysians we SHOULD love our national language.

I wrote the other piece in BM with minimal effort, I'm sure you all will able to do it also. It's like riding a bicycle, once you learn it, you won't forget it. I'm doing my part to promote the national language.

As for rang undang-undang seksyen 34 sub-seksyen 3, I am actually in the midst of writing an Article of Association for this blog. Something like a Constitution for the country, this Article of Association will state out how this blog will be run and to resolve any future dispute shall it arises, and specific rules on accepting new tigers/lioness or kicking them.

Will present it to you guys when it's ready, and when we get 2/3 majority votes agreeing to it, it will be enforced.

shah & drew said...

tiada masalah, pak!

cumanya siapa yang akan memastikan bahawa peraturan baru ini akan dikuatkuasakan dan bukan hanya menjadi seperti cicak di sudut dinding?

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

saya ada 3 soalan:
1) siapa yg akan "enforce" peraturan ini?

2) apakah peraturan mengenai kata-kata yg dipinjam dari bahasa ingeris?

3)apakah perkataan untuk "enforce" dalam BM?

el_fuser said...

enforce is dikuatkuasakan.. i think lllooollll

V|vac|ous said...

Yes indeed its di kuatkuasakan!!
Whoaaaa constitution just nothing serious ok !!!
Dont miss me today Gregs. Am flying for work today. xoxo

Aliaa said...

Kenapa mesti Tuesday? Ooops.. I mean selasa :-D

howsurmother? said...

sebab pada hari selasa...ada Komik Baru dekat Jasema!!!

7thlovechild said...

bagus.... semangat kemalaysian... amat bagus.... teruskan usaha anda...

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm