a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Monday, September 29, 2008

On What Am Feeling - PART 1

*Warning nothing to do with any of you lot*

So this month marks 5 years of me working abroad. Which also means I have spent 5 of my birthdays, All the Celebrations we celebrate in Malaysia, public holidays for God knows what occasion, family events, birthday etc being abroad.

After being abroad several years here are the things that I have observed :-

1. People forget you and only remember you when you are due back for a holiday because they have this tak malu (no shame) attitude of asking things from the UK. Let me say how much I DISLIKE getting things for people when they have not had the courtesy of even asking how I am doing over here. All I am allowed is 20 kg. 20 kg is actually nothing ! I go for business trips and its already 16kgs. This is balik Malaysia of course I have to load up my bag with all my skimpy clothes because over here my legs never see the light of day. Plus now I'm a diver my dive suit and kasut all taking alot of space.

So priority my things go first.

Why should I pay for your excess baggage mind u very strict. Over 1 kg pay ! - Esp when you don't fly from 'Main' destinations because I have to connect at London so usually these smaller carriers - short haul are very strict.

My gosh now days for 1 piece of the usual checked bag allowance also must pay. So for short 'personal' trips i usually bawak 1 piece of hand luggage and the liquid thing makes it worse so everything has to go into wee bottles 100ml per bottle collectively not more then 1 L. I fly so often I hafal all the ruels of the airports.

Then some people have the cheek to ask me to buy men's shoes ! do you know how big and heavy they are. Clarks ! Hmph even my dad goes to 1U Clarks and buy. Memang ! terrible.

Then when I say ok I can buy and post it to you because I have no space tak nak... then I have to pay excess baggage ! Btw I do all my shopping in Malaysia this esp includes shoes (this excludes winter clothing and boots) Its cheaper !

Then there are people who ask me to buy never pay full amount, I have to ask for the cash benci lah !

But if you are my friend and keep in touch with me 100% whole heatedly before I fly back lunch time i go search for things. Kan Daddy !

Once Twigy did ask me to buy her the brides mate stuff that one I totally can understand coz u dont get stuff like those back home plus twiggy and I have formed a special cyber friendship. Also we both know Brenny Boy. But of course makcik told me like 2 days before i balik how to order ler. Summore Tshirt je. Or Daddy mintak small cenderahati with his muka hamster. These people all I dont mind because they are in touch with me.

Memang some people pernah mintak turn table ! Where to find also I don't know !!! REALLY PEOPLE !!!! - Moreover this guy tak pernah call me since Uni ! Once day ringing my UK mobile how he got my number also I tak tahu.

Being abroad sometimes can be difficult because you are detached from the life you once knew. And you feel like you still need to belong someway or another.

So all I ever wish for is to get some news, stories, emails that really makes me happy. Sometimes during my 'mendung' days i check my personal email 10 times a day just hoping for some nice email.

Alot of people use busy as an excuses its like we got nothing better to do.

The thing is if you want you will make the time.Not ''eh when you are back can you please get me some duty free stuff, chocolate etc''. So in the past year I have decided to cut off friends like this. It did hurt that I was the one doing all the calling and emailing etc. But once I got them out of my system it felt so much better.

Wait for Part 2. Please comment coz I love knowing who reads my nonsense and this might give me semangat(inspiration) to write up part 2. Actually the truth is I just wanted to list the things but being an ex literature student bit susah. Plus writting is helping me feel much better not about the above but other things.
Also I would like to say my condolences to Che Guevara who has had a recent passing in his family lately.

For Now Love and Light - LIONESSS GRRRR

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Horny Fua....Fua Horny??

yeah bebeh.... me luv tigers long time....

Mr.Colgate.. pls vote..

sunday,21st sept...


giler..dah 10days takde orang post something on the blog...
so whats new man? i've been busy lately..so takde banyak masa wan to update..
eugene will be back soon..

so here's the buddy attendance list on his DAY.

way kiat
maria ozawa -fictional character

we'll celebrate later with :-

so the game plan is simple oni la...we go makan , mabuk n tido nearby the place we mabuk...
no SX stuff...cuz eugene is not like that...neither am i...but i dunno bout the rest la...anyay..i will post an update of the programme for the day...ciao

Thursday, September 11, 2008

what shows do you guys watch?

yeah. i was just curious. i think many of the tigers seem to be watching more American television than i am.

so. whats good to watch? i've heard lots of stuff about true blood, fringe, lost etc... the only thing i've watched within all this hype is heroes.

apa rekomen?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

sunny no rain...cool..

hey ya'll..

today been a busy day ...goin round the town to look for the right location for shoot..
in the morning i went to royale bintang in the curve there to meet up with the director and the india production team...i feel kinda lazy to drive so i parked my car at the lot. and ask my asst. to come pick me and another asst to go for the recce..i called him just for the f**cks of it..hahahhaa..
what a way to destroy someone's sunday... im mean mafaka...arrrrr...

first we go down to ceylon,jalan alor. to check out the lanes there...walk around frangipani and finigan's there.. after that we move to KL sentral...there we were checking out the platform and the train there..we are shooting the lrt train.. after a while in there...my boss wanted to break for tea.. so we go kena The Chicken Rice Shop for tea...giler babi....dat's pretty heavy joe..
nvm that , as the recce goes on we check out the ERL entrance as well. finally after everything was done and the director is quite happy with the location that we present. ok la..it's time to ciao back to office.. so on the way there... my asst..forgottten where he parked the car..so we went 3rd and 4th floor searching. he dammmm confirm he parked at 3rd floor...but the car was not there...we all go cemas la joe..but as usual la..RAjen maintain cool and calm...knowing that there a north and south car park..so we procedd to the other side of the parking..
herecomes the good part la.. while walking..we passed by a kelisa... inside the car there was this malay couple making out la...giler man...i was F**CKING stoned,awe and erected. cuz that scene was soooooooooo steamy and exciting.. COME on la..get a room wil ya???
can tell that these two fella mmg tak jumpa for long time and they can't wait to go home... the guy was wearing a blue T...the girl pakai tudung la..can see the guy fingering her pussy la ....not that much la..but sikit sikit can see la..when her kain/skirt/panties was up.... talkbout panties...the minah tak pakai la joe....GILERRRRRRR..... i dam respect and salute melayu tudung chix la. Ali G oso will come and pay his restecp!!

kk..that was the interior of the car..now exterior...there was me , my asst 1 and asst 2. 3 of us..jalan to the car.then my asst kantoi they all la.. so we pretend buat dunno..then we continue walking..until the tiang then we U-turn back to the car and sneak up from the back ...those fella's mind was not in this world la..i tell you! they were so 'into' it until they dun realised that 3 monkeys are watching their show..but after 7-8 minutes..we kena kantoi la..
they were embarasssed...and we walked away..

happy ending.
tho' we shud have taken some picture and post it on youtube..but u know all know la..
i'm a nice guy..

Thursday, September 4, 2008


here's one for good laugh..
scary man...

check out no.13


rage in the cities!

ever wonder what Zach De La Rocha was up to?
well, two days ago he was in my backyard (not really, but it was a 15 minute drive away) along with the rest of Rage Against the Machine.

heres a clip of their free "concert"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my day...

this is interesting stuff yo..
this morning when i 1st log on onto the blog.. this is what i notice..


coincidence? i think it's a sign...
muahahahaa... blessing in disguise..


a very good wednesday morning to everyone..
now oni i can get internet access...internet been down for few days..at home.
so how's everyone? me is fine...

EUGENE..u comin back end of this month??!! got enuff time to arrange ur bachelor night bash onot?? and Lick Knee..how la macha?? u comin home with ur chick at the wrong time la..but nvm la..we still can partay for new year...hahahaha... n fucka,dun forget my light ok!

urm,where's greg anyway? is greg goin to join to wedding dinner?
let's confirm attendee..

rajen,dinesh,lam,way kiat,eugene,yeonidhis,fua and....the rest who can amke it for the dinner n the 'after dinner' do pass me ur name...

ok la..will be back soon..need to do some stuff...adios.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm