a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Do you remember the time?

Wow, the pictures really brings back lots of good old memories about our young, innocent days. Remember the days when:
  • We had chocolate milk sold to us in cartons with the name "Program Susu Sekolah"?
  • We learn cool and cute songs like Tiga Sekawan, Bapaku Pulang Dari Kota, Gelang Sipaku Gelang, Jong Jong Inai and Lenggang Kangkung?
  • We had a music teacher who like to taunt us and call us Bangau?
  • We ate 50 sen plate of Nasi Lemak which to us, tasted not too bad back then?
  • We collected bottle caps to play?
  • We collected erasers(especially those with flag of nations) to play, and winner takes all?
  • We wasted math exercise book on a stupid game called "Conquer"?
  • We had a subject called Alam dan Manusia?
  • The pengawas dresses in purple? ewwww. (dinesh, fua,.....who else?)
  • We played pepsi cola, galah panjang, kejar-kejar, and that 6 squares game we have to hop. What is it called?
  • We had Tulisan classes where we have to write repeatedly on a exercise book with red, blue, blue & red margins.
  • We had numbered exercise books; 1(wide margins), 2(big boxes), 3(half blank, half margins), 4(forgot), 5(Tulisan), 7(standard margins), 8(standard boxes), 9(blank pages), forgot what 10-13 is, 14(margins on alternate pages).
Last but not least, remember the school song? OMG I do!

Sekolah kita tercinta
Berazam belajar, rajin dan berusaha
Akhirnya kita 'kan berjaya
Marilah berikrar semoga berjaya
Marilah bersatu, berusaha
Demi mencapai kejayaan negara
Untuk kebaikan kita bersama
Kami pelajar setia
Berbagai bangsa dan budaya
Sama berlumba, sama berjasa
Pada bangsa dan negara
Ke arah bahagia berbakti bersama
Amalkan disiplin sentiasa
Bergerak maju membina negara
SK Taman Tun Dr Ismail bahagia

Hey I don't really remember SMKTTDI's school song. Anybody does?


Nick says exercise book number 6 is the music book. And now i remember book number 4 is one where lines divide the page into six sections, for drawing presumably.


i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

holy shit. im damn impressed you can remember lagu sekolah.
i remember there was a buku latihan for musik too. i think that was #6.

ohh. and chocolate milk day was the most-awesome day of the year.

and hari kantin! and hari sukan, and lots of other shit. wasnt there a year where we flipped burgers as a class? i remember that was my first day of chugging a redbull. DAYUMN...

7thlovechild said...

WOW>... great post man... it did bring back those sweet sweet memories... i remember hitting those trees and believed that it really bleeds... that time , me , ong and Wong Wei Jin were like best buddies... shit man.. Wong Wei Jin.. go look him up la... get him here... ehehehe...

Gregs said...

oh ya man, I remember the bleeding tree. Hehehe. The juice that come out is actually bloody red. Oh I forgot to mention konda kondi.....we should play that some time.

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

konda kondi bahaya wei. didnt our discipline teacher say so?

i remember fariz chasing people with his stick covered in spit. (i'm sure he had a cooler name for it...)
but thats an skttdi(2) story.

howsurmother? said...

dammm..this post really ada sentimental value..guys excuse me..*sob sob...waaaaaaaaAAAAAAA

Twiggy said...

I believe that 6-squares game is called teng-teng, right?
The teacher who used to call us Bangau also made us use those stinky school recorders if we ever forgot to bring our own.. eww.. god knows what unseen life-forms were present on the mouthpiece of those recorders..bluek

shah & drew said...

we, or at least i, used to always play beduk. really miss it lah. get to throw a rubber slipper at someone's face! :p

el_fuser said...

beduk was the bomb la those days!! haha.. the 'tat sing' slipper we use.. halamak, classic!! and those program susu, the bottle caps, erasers, game books and music teachers... awww.. real memories man... real memories..

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm