a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Friday, September 21, 2007

On FLORIDA !!!! Part 1

Hello Beloved Tigers & Twiggy - coz she is very setia to us.

Since this blog is growing roots i best share my 2 cents news. I have booked my flights to Florida. This year I did not have a single holiday. In the UK its very important for people to have a holiday because our weather is so so so CRAPPY and this yr we did not have a summer.
Also I have my US visa that I paid so better make a trip.

For now very broke. I will update on where ill be going , where I will be staying, where in Florida coz Florida is huge people, etc etc....

Love and Light
The Lioness xoxo


lick knee. said...

florida is crazy.

southbeach and miami are like THE party places to be. which also means you need a buttload of money.

but it is also part of the dirty south. so - try and meet some nice black men yah?

Twiggy said...

waahhh.... holidaaaayyy... bestnyeeeeeee!!!

bring on the paarrtaaayyy

V|vac|ous said...

yeah think i really need this holiday alot of S%^t has been happening one after another and trust me you guys dont even hv the slightest clue.

This yr has been nothing but nvm ler. So i really hope this would be the 1 week in the whole year that I will hv a good time. xo

lick knee. said...

one week? take a month!

howsurmother? said...

hmmm..goin florida? buy something back for me yah.. i'll email you my wishlist later k.. :)

V|vac|ous said...

Dont worry i will take pictures and i know what kind of pictures to take ! ehehehheh more to come soon.

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm