a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

racist..cina on chindian.. :)

On one fine day where the tree is taller,the leaves is greener and the bird chirps chirpier....
One incident took place..where not many knows....
and it's goes something like this...

Gangster: Oi Rajen!! Pundek!!!

Rajen: Tiu lorr...(Fuck!!)

Gangster: Oi Chindia!! Bila mau kasi bayar saya punya hutang? Lu mau makan Helmet ka?!!

Gangster: Mahai!! you think i'm joking?
you run!! hiahhh..

Rajen: Hwachaaaaaaa...... ciao dude..

Helmet: Siiiuuuuu.......

Rajen: Hehe..sohai,where can kena...i champion 100meter wei!!

Rajen: Aiyakkkk!
Helmet: Toink! Tukk!

Rajen: .........zzzzzzz...i want mummy..
Helmet: krok,krokkk..




i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

so awesome... can die.

i suggest go bollywood. Gangster tries to take advantage of a damsel in distress, and you have to rise to the occasion and tapau the entire gang (of about 600 people) - just to save the girl.
then must dance.

(variants include:
-"damsel" is initially a heinous wench, but with a heart of gold - which you will win over with your honest intentions
-gangster is actually your half brother. (can be chinese or indian!!) some fight to the death ensues, you being victorious.
-you naik skuter, and out-drift gangster in some high stakes competition. (if skuters can drift) ala casino royale.
-you give up, go home, and get high. ala harold and kumar.

Twiggy said...

didn't i tell you rajen got pakat terpendam?

Greg said...

bakat oi....BAKAT....and I thought I yang sudah lama tak cakap BM... heheh

howsurmother? said...

hehe...glad u all like it..there's more to come. but F.Y.I and for the record...i'm a a racist bastard ok!
dun get me wrong or you all makan dalam later.. peace man.

V|vac|ous said...

OH MY GOD MORE MORE MORE !!!! SO CUNNN !!!!!!!! when i come back i also want to do this type of storey line acting !!!!!! REally brought a smile to my face thank you Ra-Jen I love youuuuuu xoxoxoxo

7thlovechild said...

ahaha... cool... nice nice...

Twiggy said...

hehehe..sori inchek..BAKAT :D

hey..this venue..isn't it at a school?

Rajen! Did you get permission or not? hahahhaha...

howsurmother? said...

i was shooting there...it's a school in cheras..i cannot mention th eschool name..

we were shooting 'Kami' the series there.. :)

and YES..we do get the permission to shoot..

Twiggy said...

eyy cool...shooting Kami? Say hi to Lina for me :D echechecheehh... macam geng aje..hahahha

wahh...lamanya tak masuk sekolah... i wonder how our school looks like nowadays...

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm