a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Dream Part 2.

ok..in part 1 we were at Copacabana beach.. but now somehow we end up at another Magical places..but sadly no more ladies and beaches DAMMMMM...here goes..

This conversation took place between 0100 - 0200 , 18-08-20xx
Location : Up on a tree behind Nina's House,K.J

Wide shot of Camera comin down from top of the tree..creating a float feeling.
camera comes down to a branches..sees two figure dress in black...looking into someone's room..then we cut to a transition shot of a hand adjusting the Binocular...then cut to POV (point of view) from inside the Binocular..from de-focus to focus.
based on the given scenario and location..by this time you guys shud have figured it out.....
yup. we were just concern about Nina's safety! we are her Guardian Angels..

Rajen : woi woi...dun move..i cannot see la.

Eugene: Dude..im not moving at all...maybe if u stop whanking then it wont shake...

Rajen: huh?...ooohh..ahahah..over excited la.. u know la,Nina is dammmmmm hot maaa..think bout her oso can pitch my own tent edi..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Eugene: ei..i tot we were at the beach just now? how come?

Rajen: Fucka cina ni banyak tanya la...dude..it's just a dream..dun have to be real..summo it's my DREAM!! not urs ok! tiu..ma lan fan...(rajen is paying 120% full concentration at Mandy's room)

Eugene: Hmmm..where were we just now?

Rajen: HOw the fuck i know...we start new topic la...

Eugene: Ei..why u become so mean and curse so much in this episode?it's not like u man...(eugene having flashback of how rajen volunteered helping out at YMCA,MIC and MCA,SPCA...etc.)

Rajen: tiu...uiyooo...the director ask me to do like this maa...WTF man!! i cannot help it..
later he wont let me act in his part 3 then how..?
Just follow the flow man...

Eugene: HUh? :x whateverla...

Director : CUTTTTT!!!Cutt!!cuttt Cutttttt!!!!!!

(all Lights On.here we see all the crew comes to the set..got some commotion goin on)

Director: Wtf! why u givin me shit like this?!I ask you guys to fucking follow the FUCKING script! so just fucking follow IT!! machau Hai.tiuniaseng.And NO whanking stories all!! ei..this is rated PG-13 la. and Rajen..u dun fucking mention me ok!! cibai..POTONGG u then u know!!!!

1st AD: So? u cool man?..chill la..it's just a dream man..dun be so serious. dun loose it man..keep cool...think bout ur manta.... oooshaaa....

Director: Can i squeeze your tits? i dammm stress....

1st AD: urmm..errr... ok,guys. all Back to One..Reset quickly. How's my Audio?

Audio Guy: Sounds good to me..

1st AD: Ok.. Roll Sound.

Audio Guy: Sound Speed.

1st AD : Camera Ready.

Camera Operator: Ready.

1st AD: Roll Camera.

Camera Operator: Rolling.

1st AD: Ok standby guys...on 3 - 2 - 1 andddddddd Actionnnnnnn.


ok that's all for this Episode... more to come next week.. pls comment for further progression.

all idea and concept by Rajen.

Starring - Nina as herself. :)

will include Nina's pic in next episode..

Rhumba thanks


7thlovechild said...

ahgaha... fun la.. write more dude... nice..

Anonymous said...

this is damn farnee!!! waahahaha!!
keep it up. when is the next eps?
2 thumbs up!

Twiggy said...

hahahah...rajen unleashing bakat terpendam... nak buat drama ek tak lama lagi?

howsurmother? said...

i wana self finance my own movie later... and publih my book..nak kalahkan JK Rowling!!! muahahahahaha

V|vac|ous said...

okok me and twigs can be main actress !!!! we chup first right twigs !!!

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

whos mandy? whos nina? wat?

howsurmother? said...

got some twist in it...hehehe.. let's wait and see...

Gregs said...

eh....what happened to mandy?

Twiggy said...

eh, wasn't the name Nina a Mandy yesterday? what happened to Mandy?

Twiggy said...

yeaaah!! me and the lioness main actress!! woot!! i can be like the hermione (big hair) haaahahahahahha
*dreaming of her own trailer already*

howsurmother? said...

suddenly i just wanted to create another character in the story...so i can throw in more shit for the next episode...and it's easier for me to bull... :)

*dun't cemas..it's just a dream..

-dinesh- said...

better be a good dream k
don't wan ppl 2 start thinking this blog's abt the wrong things
keep it umum man rajen

howsurmother? said...

ok..will start working on part 3 soon..

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm