a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My dream Part 1

yesterday was a total blank day..not a single post but there' a few comments flying around..
well..i think Hari Bahasa day can now flushed down to the drain la..so dont bother keeping up with it.
know what it means? guys y'all can chuck whatever thing u all like as long as it doesnt tersinggung the other bloggers...

hey..tonite the series KAMI is showing on air.. at 10pm - 8tv. watch it man...dam cool!!

tonite we all are goin to picadilly, get a few Barrel and watch the premierre there...who ever free pls dropby..i mean for those who's in MSIA la....for oversea fren..i will recorded for u guys or y'all can probably stream it from youtube later..hahahahahaahahahaha

urm..i last nite had a dream it went something like....

Establishing shot of Copacabana Beach,Brazil camera tracks slowly to the right revealing the sand and the 'Beaches' behind the signage..Then Camera pans across the sandy beach..a transition shot of a waitress pouring some drinks to a glass.Camera moves up from bottom of the glass(glass is filled with Pina Colada ) to revealing our 2 Hero..it slowly tracks towards our hero..here we see that 2 asian are chilling under the coconut tree sipping some Pina Colada...and this is how the story goes...

Eugene: Rajen!

Rajen: ??? Wazap? dun kacau me la..im 'concentrating' here... (with binoculars)

Eugene: Urm.....i want..want to......

Rajen: Cibai!! u dun even think bout it..u go suck your own %$#@.....i'm saving mine for the chikus!!

Eugene: Tiu! 'Cha Chi Chong Thong Bong Tong!' (Kitchen Scolding terms in Aussie),
Fuck no man!! actually i want..u to be my best man...

Rajen: (choke ) FUc*!! Mahai, Cibai..dunt fuck with me man ..we are on holiday now..dont freaking do this to me...plus i cannot handle all thi sserious shit wan lerr..urmmm...how bout lemme organize ur bachelor party or Beatrices's Bachelorette party la..i'm much more better in planning those activities..urm. u know..i can get discount from this hotel.....and for beatrice's party i know exactly where to organize it..how bout hote....(interupted)

Eugene : Oi!! Watch what u saying ah!!! or i chop kow u!!(pulling Rajen's Balls)..

Rajen : Fuuuuuhhhhh!! Aaaaahhhhhh......O000O..ok

Eugene: Serious la..i've been thinking bout this man..let's narrow it down my options..

Rajen: ok..what bout Lam?

Eugene: lam's not bad..he was my ideal best man ..but his head to Big la....i takut his head later block all my spotlight!!! wahahahahaa

Rajen: Wahahahaahahahahah!!!!ahahahakkk!!!

Eugene: Dinesh?

Rajen: He's fine what..summo he go gym 3-4 times a week..body oso fit a biiit la now...

Eugene: oh really?

Rajen: Yala..the fucka goes to Fitness First at Curve every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday around 8.30pm.. (commercial in between) ...so meaning u can catch him there on Curve , Fitness First every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday around 8.30pm......

Eugene:i see..but im afraid that he'll be tempted at the ring..u know la..he got that feminine side kinda thing goin on...scared if he wears it..it will stuck at his thumb...then how?

Rajen:(choke,water comin out from mouth and nose) Wahahahahahahahaha!!!!!mUAahaahahahahahahahahahahah...

Eugene: Dun laugh man..im Serious!!...........WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH....

Rajen: Ok ok...who else you have in mind besides me?(wiping tears)

Eugene: hmmmm...Fua?

Rajen:Yeah..he seem fine to me.Probably the best wan la..

Eugene: but...i scared he will do his standard stuff la..go Mystery and all..later he'll dissappear with my ring...summo he think he's cute..like 'Fei Mau'.....

Rajen: x) wahahahahahahahaha..kononnya he damm cool la!!!

ok that's for now...need to get back to work. comment if you like it..

This story is 45% fiction and 55% berkaitan orang yg masih Hidup sahaja....yang dah mati tu... sorry la,belum ada lagi...



V|vac|ous said...

GOOD ONE !!!! more dreams to come. Mimpi semua masuk blog aku call engkau tak nak habak kat orang ke ? menggaga lerrrrrr. btw guys Rajen is just t sweetest guy around CORRECT OR NOT !

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...


holy shit damn funny.
din going to all those gyms.... for the girls or wat?

7thlovechild said...

ahahha.... CUN CUN CUN>>.... not baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

7thlovechild said...

can make short movie wei... ahahhaa

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm