a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka - The Aftermath.

Happy Merdeka day to all!!!

hmmm...i just reach office bout 20 minutes ago.
had lunch with Din and YudhistIRAh at OK. my head still spins a bit..
damm...bet someone who's in AMPANG sure got 'some' for last nite!! all hail to mr.X...
Hallelujah brader!!

what else?urmm...for me.. after my fantastic dinner i went over to a dart pub and spent my whole merdeka nite there...had a few jugs.just enough to get me drunk.didn't over do it.. :)
to prove it..i didn't call or sms funny things to my dear Lioness...hehe

know what..apparently Sri Damansara's clock ticks faster than KLs...cuz they celebrated 5-8 minutes before Dataran Merdeka..hhahahahaha

ok guys..gotta get back to work. chat later

repot kad


SCORECARD: Fitness + Weight-Loss

United KingdomB
United StatesB
South AfricaD

United StatesB
United KingdomB
South AfricaD

SCORECARD: Sex/Relationships
United KingdomA
United StatesB
South AfricaD

SCORECARD: Work/Stress
United StatesA
United KingdomB
South AfricaD

SCORECARD: Nutrition
United StatesC
United KingdomC
South AfricaD

...this was taken from an MSN article i read while waiting for some work to load.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cool Ukulele!!!

my colleague just showed this to me.Champion MAn!!


The Kaput Family.

Rajen : Ei..so tonite where is Miss 'X' going?
Dinesh : Dunnno la...she said maybe goin get 'some' drink at Kick In The Cock..

My Latest Crave

Highly Recommended to My Friend - Jason Lam Fook Chung

This is for Yudhisht-Irah ,it's better than......

Lastly, a simple picture to sums up our fun blog.

This is mine...whats yours?

i just received this from a friend...
thought of sharing this with you guys.
it's quite accurate. :)

check this out!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On My Looming question for the day

Hi Boys@ Tigers,

Today I really need your opinion on something. You know how people say its faith, let things take its course, then they are people who say you make your own faith you have to make it happen so which is which..... am really confused as to making decisions on certain things....

So for once don't just read pen down your thoughts in the comments section.

Love & Light


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Apa Khabar y'all!!!!!!

salam sejahtera kepada semuaaaaaa!!!!!

saya sihat-sihat sahaja... hmmm
hari ini adalah hari selasa..iaitu hari BAHASA.... jadi kami dikehendaki untuk MENGEPOS utusan kami dalam BM. jadi..bagaimana hendak saya mulakan..sedangkan ada berlambak pengalaman dan lawak yang ingin saya 'share' bersama rakan rakan...

ok,dalam masa sebulan ini saya terlibat dengan sebuah produksi TV.. korang boleh layari laman webnya di www.projekkami.com . saya diberi tanggungjawab untuk menjadi Pembantu Pengarah.
dan saya dikehendaki untuk menandatangani kontrak untuk penggambaran itu. poyola!!
jadi saya mmg sibuk sejak kebelakangan ini.

alamak....otak saya masih beku ler...takde idea nak tulis apalagi...kita sambung di lain hari ok..

sori la...

Hari ini hari selasa ya?

Harimau-harimau sekalian,

Sudah lama kita semua tidak menulis utusan dalam Bahasa Malaysia walaupun utusan ditulis pada hari selasa. Sebenarnya tidak ada apa-apa yang boleh saya tulis dalam blog ini. Saya cuma mahu menunjukkan kepada harimau-harimau sekalian berapa orang yang sebenarnya membaca blog ini.

Seperti yang anda lihat, dari permulaan blog ini sehingga awal bulan Jun, blog ini mendapat sambutan yang baik secara purata, dengan lebih kurang 40 pelawat unik sehari. Bahagian graf yang menunjukkan sebanyak 160 pelawat sehari itu boleh diabaikan, kerana blog kita mencapai tahap yang tinggi pada hari itu atas kesilapan teknikal. Tetapi selepas bulan Jun, sambutan untuk blog ini turun sehingga tahap sekarang iaitu lebih kurang 20 orang pelawat sehari. Daripada 20 pelawat itu, setengah daripadanya adalah harimau sendiri dan ini bermakna hanya lebih kurang 10 orang sahaja yang betul betul pelawat unik.

Laporan berakhir di sini. Diharap harimau-harimau sekalian akan terus memberi sokongan kepada blog ini dengan menulis utusan-utusan yang menarik, walaupun kunjungan ke blog ini semakin merosot.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rajen : Black Manta spotted... :)

it's opposite Ong's Kelana Jaya condo there... parked under the tree... it looks like no one used it for a long time already..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

why so empty

politics and propaganda aside, why is everyone else so quiet?

nothing to write i suppose. so din, birthday amacam? greg, any resolutions? questionable hookups?

another unrelated question, how many tigers live on their own now?
as in, do their own cooking, laundry, cleaning - you know... sever their moms apron-strings and whatnot.

ill just decide to post some updates here cause i dont have a personal blog anyways.
+, i just got a cat!

+, i've been climbing! here are some pics and links to a gallery

From Way up north ...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy birthday DIN!!!!

thanks to friendster again...:)

It's Dinesh's birthday today!!!!! :)

Happy birthday!!!

so cerita la sikit also about how you celebrated okie?? :)

Mr Birthday BOY!!!! cerita la siki!!!!!!!!!

wei grego ,

story la wat happened on your 24th birthday.???

Monday, August 20, 2007

some issues...

i've received numerous calls...(actually got 1 call oni)
it's regarding a post from 1 of our blogger...
apparently that subject now is becoming an issue...
(i was not alert bout it until someone calls me up and told me bout it)

so im wondering if anyone is goin to take action on this or.....
well it's up to you all man....
as a reminder the purpose of this blog is for us have fun,stay away from drugs :) and most importantly keeping each other updated bout their lives...

we mean no harms to our family members..
(referring to all tigers and lioness)
so y'all be good..im gonna finish my shoot in 5 moredays..
today is my 25th day of shooting..
im almost there reaching the finishing line..
pray for me that i'll still be in 1 piece by the this shit is over...

peace out to my brothers and sisters!!

cool sh%t!!

i was randomly surfing and found this page...
it's damm cool..bout local band's music contains satanic msg...


enjoy guys.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pitaya!!!! - dragon fruit...

introducing the Pitaya!! ... it's wat we call the dragon fruit... here's some pictures of the process of me eating it.. ahahah.. i used a spoon...

*no one won the 'contest' ... cause no one gave the actual name... muahahhaha..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

guess wat's this.. :)

org taman tun kaya kan?

I just read and article regarding an Indonesian maid's daring escape from a 22nd story apartment.
while i have mixed feelings on the issue of foreign labor ... how many of you had foreign maids? Local maids are something of a rarity i found.
For those of you who don't know, my housekeeper was Malaysian-Indian ok... (Malaysia boleh!)

When i describe the culture of "maids" in Malaysia - Americans don't entirely grasp the concept. They either relate it to me being absurdly rich (which i contend i am not, merely fortunate upper middle class), or some odd form of caste-mobility-slavery case.

since I grew up with most of you, i am roughly familiar with your background(s) and situations - but when you tell a stranger where you are from, do they assume you are loaded?

also (somewhat unrelated), what the hell drives a homeowner to beat on his housekeeper?

Happy Birthday Greg???

ehehe.. not sure if it's your birthday... sorry dude... but thanks to technology... I got an email reminder of your birthday!!!

So , Happy Birthday.. and many thanks for moderating this Blog.. :)

*so how's your birthday?? cerita la sikit!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Restoran Kegemaran semua orang..

adakah makanan disini sesedap namanya?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Just some clean up.

Hey guys,

I'm gonna delete all draft post in 12 hours. Let me know if there's any drafts that you want to be preserved. I doubt that there is, but if you do, just leave a note on the comments section.


Friday, August 10, 2007

facebook? myspace?

after reading a short article on class separation between facebook and myspace users...
which tiger has what?

apparently, facebook caters more towards the upwardly mobile, primarily with college degrees - urban professionals.
Myspace, seems to be more for the masses, more typically the working class.

who has what?

PS: Lam - does mac have any decent 3d cad programs? parametric modeling, stuff like solidworks, proE, maya, catia... programs like those?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Steve Jobs will take over the world one day...

If you guys don't know yet... Apple released new products... hardwares and softwares... farking awesome redesigned iMacs.. check out the keyboard dey... damn cool...

I've bitched abit on my blog... more details @ Apple

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monday, August 6, 2007

On My FAB FAB Weekend

Hello All,
Im so happy today and feeling top of the world about things. I was going through a rough patch but Im fine now. Few reasons but the main reason is :

a) SOMEONE THOUGHT I WAS 19 YRS OLD !!!!! WHOO HOOO much be the cleanse tone moisturise. Anyways he was a very very very good looking guy with a very very very hot bod. See Eugene not that old ok age is just a nombre !
Thanks Telly Tubs and Dinesh you are right things are perking up for me. Feels good to be desired.

b) Rajen send me text saying 'I really love you! What say you ? I got chance ah?'
Daddyyy..... so comel la you ! eh eh eh

c) Remember I asked everyone for numbers to buy national Lotto. I bought it. And you thought I had asked the numebrs for fun. We missed by one number ler. But its ok we have to think that we already are winners :)

d) I had a good softball practise. I'm really hitting well but i feel i can hit further. Just have to give it my all. Plus softball night is coming up this is where we can meet other teams etc etc.

e) Edinburgh festival is here so for the next month we will receive 1 million of tourist. Plus last Friday there were these dudes playing very nice music for me while i work below my window.How cool is that ? Yes I work next to Gap and after that is Ann Summers, Marks and Spenser's, Debenhams, BHS etc etc. Am very lucky. So the other pic is what we call street theatre stuff. Cool eh ! Highlander !

f) Sunday night stuff: Hope and Chris from softball invited me over to have dinner, to see their new flat(here no condo apartment everything is a flat) - lovely btw, and their doggie Olive. Then Hope and I went to Ocean Terminal to watch Harry Potter. In the UK if the show times say 8 pm means it will start abt 8.25. So we were so excited we got good seats sat down and we were wondering why are the previews so long then when the film cert came up it said TRANSFORMERS !!!! hahah which Hope went Look ! and I was like look at what ?
So we had missed like 15 mins of the HP show we were going to get a refund. Yes UK is so cool ppl trust your honesty then we were like we were really dopey honest mistake. Then the ticket guy no no the cute ticket guy said why not watch the 9.10pm show. So ok we did just that. I took a pic of nice fish tank at ocean terminal.
f) Things to be grateful for :
- The fab view of my office. The view that everyone wants. Edinburgh Castle. Can see fireworks and usually alot of stuff happens in front of my office street.
- The picturesque view in front of where i live. I love going there to read and feed the swannies. Btw Swans are protected species and all of them in this pond of tagged.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. That you enjoyed the pictures. If you had posted many pictures in a single posting you will understand how tedious it is.

From you 19 yr old Lioness eh eh Cub actually.

Love and Light xoxo

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Thursday, August 2, 2007

its a good day to be alive!

Hello all.

I dont know if you are paying attention to american news.... but a bridge collapsed.
In the picture, is the bridge that collapsed in minneapolis.
the RED X shows the damage.
the GREEN X shows where i was driving 2 minutes after the bridge collapsed.


im ok, everyone i know is allright.

I normally take that bridge to go to a class at 6pm every monday, wednesday and thursday.
Today, my girlfriend persuaded me to go hang out with her.

lets just say i'm happy i listened to my woman today.

New Malaysian Race

So Rajen, you think being chindia is cool? Wait till you see this kid...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

copied from E!News

Malaysia Not Entirely Sweet on Stefani

Gwen Stefani apparently isn't everyone's favorite girl in Malaysia.

A Muslim students group that objects to the pop star's sexy style and come-hither lyrics is pushing to have Stefani's first-ever concert in Kuala Lumpur scrapped before the spotlights have a chance to shine.

"Her video clips promoting the event are too obscene," Mohamad Hilmi Ramli, president of the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students, told Reuters. "We want the organizers to cancel the concert, failing which we will ask the authorities to intervene."

Just over half of Malaysia's 26 million-strong population considers itself Muslim, with Buddhists, Christians and Hindus composing sizeable minorities.

"[Malaysian mobile phone company Maxis Communications] has been staging a series of foreign acts…to make a profit and to expose our young generation to things such as moral decay," Ramli added.

According to Stefani's Website, the Aug. 21 show is still on. The Star, a Malaysian English-language newspaper, predicted last month that the concert, part of the platinum-blonde chanteuse's Sweet Escape world tour, at Putra Indoor Stadium could attract up to 9,000 people.

The L.A.M.B. designer, who has always been the best model for her signature brand of flirty-meets-sporty gear, will then close out the Asian leg of her tour with stops in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan before heading to Honolulu.

Stefani is currently entertaining the masses Down Under, rocking Sydney's Acer Arena yesterday and Sunday. The 37-year-old wife and mother showed the Southern Hemisphere that she obviously isn't all about sex-n'-stuff, stepping off the stage to mix with the fans during one part of the show and dedicating "The Real Thing" to her 14-month-old son, Kingston.

Sounds like family values to us.

So. Malaysian youth should never be subjected to such MORAL DECAY. The murder/rape/disembowelment cases that plague the nation are simply due to foreign imperialism corrupting our pure and innocent minds.

I've got a question. What the hell is wrong with sex? I personally have more problems watching a murder than watching a couple getting it on (Amen, Rajen).

Why is it that sex is so taboo when violence and murder is not?

Also, Gwen Stefani is awfully hot for a 37 year old. DAMN.

anyone tried to prank me??

damn weird wei...

yesterday morning around 11am i think someone called me... this chinese dude called me and told me that my car is blocking his car.. first thing that pop out of my mind is that one of you bastards tried to prank kau me la.. the conversation went something like this..towards the end , i called him la.. i can't remember everything but it's something like this..

Caller : Hello , can you move your car?? it's blocking my car.
Me : Who's this?? what the hell you talking about??
Caller : Emmm... your car is blocking my car.
Me : Wat the fuck?? Fuck you la.. Ok don't play play already.
Caller : No.. I can't go out.. Can you move your car??
Me : Fuck you la dude.. who's this?? I don't have time to play.
Caller : Your Waja is blocking my car.
Me : Emmmm... ohh... sorry... it's not my car.
Caller : But your number is here..
Me : Wat number?
Caller : 012-368****
Me : Ohh... that's my number.. but not my waja.. i don't drive a Waja...wat's the . number plate??
Caller : *** * ** * (i can't remember the number plate)
Me : That's not my car.
Caller : ok bye.

Weird huh... my number on someone elses' car.. ahhaha..but haven't finish.. About half an hour later , an Indian guy called me..and it went something like this..

Caller : Hello , you punya kereta block orang la..
Me : Waja ar??
Caller : Yaa
Me : Ohh.. itu bukan kereta saya..
Caller : Tapi sudah kena langgar wor.. belakang cermin sudah pecah..
Me : Ahahaha... takpe.. kasi pecah lagi la... itu bukan kereta saya.
Caller : Ok.. bye..

How's that to start off your day?? ahhahahahha... kesian that waja fella la.. i think the chinese dude got angry because I was abit lanci (thinking that it was you guys la tiu..) .. maybe he got a few of his friends to somehow move it and kasi pecah la the car.. ahhahaha... too bad for that Waja dude..

emmm.. it's not you guys trying to prank me right??

wheres waldo.

so i decided to to a map search for home.

this is where i live.
Home in minneapolis

then i wanted to see how good ol taman tun is doing.

theres a decent difference. In one, i can see my damn car from space.
the other.... i couldnt tell the difference if it were a smoldering crater on someones ass.

what exactly was outlined in "wawasan 2020"... and wasnt SMKTTDI supposed to be a "smart" "cyber-school"?

I know KL is pretty hard to get around, since roadwork is more or less a race to who can spend more money - but if you google map Singapore... they seem to be doing alright.
How far is kl behind in this whole "digital-age" thing?
smartkad? wifi? i only hope its improved since i left.

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm