a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Monday, August 6, 2007

On My FAB FAB Weekend

Hello All,
Im so happy today and feeling top of the world about things. I was going through a rough patch but Im fine now. Few reasons but the main reason is :

a) SOMEONE THOUGHT I WAS 19 YRS OLD !!!!! WHOO HOOO much be the cleanse tone moisturise. Anyways he was a very very very good looking guy with a very very very hot bod. See Eugene not that old ok age is just a nombre !
Thanks Telly Tubs and Dinesh you are right things are perking up for me. Feels good to be desired.

b) Rajen send me text saying 'I really love you! What say you ? I got chance ah?'
Daddyyy..... so comel la you ! eh eh eh

c) Remember I asked everyone for numbers to buy national Lotto. I bought it. And you thought I had asked the numebrs for fun. We missed by one number ler. But its ok we have to think that we already are winners :)

d) I had a good softball practise. I'm really hitting well but i feel i can hit further. Just have to give it my all. Plus softball night is coming up this is where we can meet other teams etc etc.

e) Edinburgh festival is here so for the next month we will receive 1 million of tourist. Plus last Friday there were these dudes playing very nice music for me while i work below my window.How cool is that ? Yes I work next to Gap and after that is Ann Summers, Marks and Spenser's, Debenhams, BHS etc etc. Am very lucky. So the other pic is what we call street theatre stuff. Cool eh ! Highlander !

f) Sunday night stuff: Hope and Chris from softball invited me over to have dinner, to see their new flat(here no condo apartment everything is a flat) - lovely btw, and their doggie Olive. Then Hope and I went to Ocean Terminal to watch Harry Potter. In the UK if the show times say 8 pm means it will start abt 8.25. So we were so excited we got good seats sat down and we were wondering why are the previews so long then when the film cert came up it said TRANSFORMERS !!!! hahah which Hope went Look ! and I was like look at what ?
So we had missed like 15 mins of the HP show we were going to get a refund. Yes UK is so cool ppl trust your honesty then we were like we were really dopey honest mistake. Then the ticket guy no no the cute ticket guy said why not watch the 9.10pm show. So ok we did just that. I took a pic of nice fish tank at ocean terminal.
f) Things to be grateful for :
- The fab view of my office. The view that everyone wants. Edinburgh Castle. Can see fireworks and usually alot of stuff happens in front of my office street.
- The picturesque view in front of where i live. I love going there to read and feed the swannies. Btw Swans are protected species and all of them in this pond of tagged.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. That you enjoyed the pictures. If you had posted many pictures in a single posting you will understand how tedious it is.

From you 19 yr old Lioness eh eh Cub actually.

Love and Light xoxo


julian. said...

Thats good to know that you're coping with things.. and nice pictures :) especially the scenery ones. its really exciting to be in another country, isn't it? Being able to experience all this different stuff that you will not be able to in Malaysia..

Haha rajen is just being rajen :)

Missed by one number? that is pretty lucky, isn't it? Well, like you said, there'll be a next time..

with softball, you have to make sure you dont give up :) the only person stopping you from batting harder is yourself, so you have to give it that bit more to make it 110%. then you will excel for sure!

Edinburgh Festival - why dont you elaborate a little more on that? I'm sure everyone here will want to know more about it :)

Yeah it is great working in a city like that - even in Sydney you get all these fancy shops in the same area. Can be dangerous though cuz once someone tried breaking into the LV store - the thing is this was in the morning when everyone was getting to work. so lots of cops everywhere did not make things seem very pleasant :) hahah its a pity i dont work in the city, though i wish i was..

I imagine it would be very peaceful to be able to read in the park with the swans swimming in the lake? from what i can gather by the pictures, it would be just blissful :)

alright... i'm off to bed now. thanks for the pics :) something light hearted amidst everything else here now..

howsurmother? said...

Indian Rajen:aiyo...must be typo error or miss sent.. hehe..

Chinese Rajen : the lotto seriously missed by 1 no.?
got any consolation?

Chindian Rajen : when we all wana go bak kut teh?

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm