a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

On Saying Goodbye to Some things from the Past

Are you a hoarder?
Few weeks back I cleared some of my stuff. Although I have been hanging on to these for many many years I ask my self the question 'Have I used these in the past 2 years ?' If No , Throw away. So I did along with many or my report cards, brown 001 cards and some of these. I realise that memories should be in the mind and heart. I don't need to justify and show proof to anyone I got Number 1-3 in class from Standard 1-6 right.

So I took some pictures before I got rid of them, the NKOTB cassette was my first ever. I was 6 years old I think and there was no going to shopping malls or out with friends unlike the spoilt brats these days. Also I think the only shopping mall was Jaya Supermarket.
I only went there when I did well in class because it had 'Toy Land' I dont remember if you guys went there for recreation. Think it was the only cool place around. So I said to my dad on his way back from work to get me this NKOTB... He went there and said to the guy he wanted to buy a cassette ''some boys on the rock'' I remember this indecent because he came back mentioning that it took some time finding the cassette. Those days no mobile.

Those were the days cassesstes were worth RM6 (Sound of Music) btw I can sing you any of the Sound of Music Songs ! hahahah. My personal Favs are Roxette and Mega Hit 5.

Buncho Crayons !!! Look at them in mint condition after all these years. More over I wrote the year and how I won these. I really keep things well huh. Gave this to my mum who paints during her spare time.
Are you missing the one thing that you are not suppose to?
Well I am and I feel horrible about it. You wont understand unless you are in my situation. My Best Friend in the Whole Wide World is getting married on the 16th Taman Tun Chick. Tried to source around for tickets like mad but I had just gone back in March. It hurts alot knowing that you shared so much together now you cant share the next milestone in her life. Summore I was suppose to be pengapit and get a free baju ok ! Kebaya fierce and seksa one! We people living abroad pay a high price for alot of things which you people live in Malaysia are unaware of.
So Since her sister was going back and me being so upset I went to the card shop and bought the most expansive card. (Gift, will be given later during my next Msia trip) Infact I bought 2. The big one cost RM78.

Due to being emo I wrote and I wrote from the time we met at Mrs. Dhillion's tuition class. The wee card I ended up writting till the back of the card.

Just think Ra-Jen is getting hitched and you cant go ! How shitty will you feel !!!!!!!!!

And Finally one for the Road

Love and Light
The Lionesss Bloody cold summer 14 degs !!! WHATEVER SCOTLAND
PS : Respect Lam who posted the Manta Pictures Bloody hellllll Its so hard to adjust the pictures takes ages ok.


7thlovechild said...

ahahha... your post really brought back memories... especially the Roxette and Mega Hit 5 ... i think the mega hit thinggy went all the way up to mega hit 20?? or it might be some pasar malam stuff...

the roxette video ... classic..

who's the TTDI chick who's getting married??

V|vac|ous said...

YAY got comment !!!

Hana geng Rafiq, Daniel (Shahs bro), Mooty, Amy,u know eh ? Am very sad abt it I think whole Sat ill be mourning la Good thing she still gonna stay in TTDI.
To top is off my GodMa UK one kawining tommorow. Kind of feel im a rotten friend. If not tom ill be in TTDI we go Mohsin !

You know when they get married its all very different. But I told the future hubby when I come back we gonna sleep together n chit chat like old times. He gonna have to tidur somewhere else lerrr...

Mega Hit 5 was the best had all the cool songs ! If you have it in CD version pls pass it to me.
I threw all the cassettes.....
Bet you were singing all the way to Roxette.

xoxo - Yes xoxo for Lam dont kecoh or ask me why I xoxo alll.

7thlovechild said...

actually ar... how old are you?? which batch are you?? where u from ar?? which school?? cause i don't know a single dude/dudess from that list you listed...

V|vac|ous said...

OOOooooooo Lam doest that make life more exciting !!! I m guessing aside the Tiger's you didnt really hang much. Shah&Drew's Brother ???? Mystery Lam add a bit of mystery and sparkle.

Anonymous said...

YeaH,HaNa's GeTTinG MaRRieD!!ThanK GoD ThaT I CaN Be TheRe..OTheRWiSe I WuDnT KnoW HoW To ExPLaiN To HeR AlThO ShE ALwiZ SaY ThaT ShE UnDeRStanD..DonT FeeL BaD BaBe..I'LL ShoW SoMe PhoTo 2MoRo..ChEERiOS!!-ZuK

Superwomanwannabe said...

heh heh hi there viv!! nemmain lah the fren shd have not planned the wedding wiht you abroad ! (small consolation)- I like the cards!

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm