a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Return of the....

hey guys...

Here's the long waited name for our Long Lost Tiger.
Though we've been separated since the day you took THAT pee...
that time you were still a cub..you didn't know that
we normally hold our pee til the end of the journey.
can't blame you.. :)
but Hey!! look what i've found in the cupboard..

this was collin's 1st toy.look at the joy it brings to him.it's a DJZ2-3 SE series Deck.top of the shelf man!!

- Presenting -
Collin Looi
The Spinning Tiger


12sins said...

hahahahaha....hebat..really hebat.
colling aka the spinning tiger, welcome to the blog..

7thlovechild said...

Welcome welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collin said...

Hahaha... thanx bosses. Great name. lol. Cheers!

howsurmother? said...

glad u like bro.

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm