a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What's The Story (Morning Glory)?

Okay I'm going to lay out the bare facts of the issue here and I hope by the end of today (Wednesday), we'll be able to decide which direction this blog should be headed. I hope that EVERYBODY will give their input.

So as some of you may have noticed, there was a post, which has since been removed by the author that was something unrelated to the Tigers. Many of you felt that such post should have been posted in the personal blog of the author instead of in the Tiger's domain.

Therefore, the Master Tiger has suggested that a notice be put up to ensure that postings in this blog be restricted to stuffs concerning the tigers only.

While I agree that we should keep our postings relevant to all of us, I feel that enforcing the "law" (for the lack of a better word), is to a certain degree, tantamount to censorship. My suggestion would be that we ourselves should be responsible with our own postings, and we ourselves should decide what to post and what not. It means that no one shall be compelled to delete their post, once published, unless it contravenes blogging ethics.

So the thing for you all to decide is:

- Should we, by decree limit postings only to things relevant to the Tigers? Please remember that this would involve some form of restriction, which contradicts the guarantee we gave that you are free to publish anything.


- Leave things the way they are, where u can write anything of everything but to be personally responsible to post only relevant topics, and that failure to comply will not result on any actions, verbal or otherwise on your postings.

Your thoughts please.


julian. said...

i think.. its better to be able to post what you want, as long as it is something all of us can relate to, or read and share their thoughts. say.. if its something you did, something that happened, something about home, something in the past between the tigers, something you experienced where you are and would like to share with everyone, or even something you want to do, then feel free to do so.

the limitations would have to extend to.. maybe.. not blog about people that we dont really know about? like.. its kinda pointless if i put a blog about a friend here(what they did, etc) that no tiger/lioness knows and would like to know about, right? something like what the lioness put up (and deleted) maybe was inappropriate to a certain extent because it had something to do with someone only she knew.

on another note, she actually did write about us.. she wrote about me being sick and asked what happened to the missing tigers fua and ong. but unfortunately, everyone instead focused on the negative part of her blog, which was the wedding thingy and conversation(?) she had with someone else, and that sparked things to a level it shouldnt have.

and greg.. there's no point anymore in trying to limit postings which are "relevant to the tigers only", because the blog has defeated that initial purpose when it started getting a lot more people joining it.

i think things should just be the way they are - freely post what you want, maybe with a very very slight limitation as per above. what do you guys suggest?

Gregs said...

That's the dilemma we're facing. To make it simple. Julian suggested "slight limit". Slight limit is still limit and so I ask; to limit or not to limit.

And if you all choose to limit, what should be done with post that are non-relevant?

howsurmother? said...

hmmmm... i think it should revolve around us.like jul has mention..it's better if it makes sense for others tigers to read it.rather than ....
i.e : me putting my pictures with my colleague at langkawi and share with y'all..explain who and what they are doin..and laughing all the way..for those stuff..i would put it in my personal blog rather than in the tigers.
unless it's my backpacking experience or something la..u know what im saying?

urm..for the "defeated initial purpose" ..well im getting only the TTDI ppl in. and there's a one and ONLY exception...The Lioness.because she's one of our close friend.

i dun see that there's any outsiders in our blog besides our good friend and school mates.if you all go see any strangers..do let me know. i will KICK them out myself!!.

lastly..freedom of speech.
yes we cn express ourselfs and put/post what ever we want...
but y'all have to 'agak-agak' la.
understands that there are stuff for a sharing blog and personal blog...

and i think she shouldn't have deleted it from the blog if she thinks that it's right instead just leave it and accept comment and whatever la..

howsurmother? said...

for non relevant post...WE'LL DELETE without hesitation!!!!

7thlovechild said...

for me , this blog is a personal thing for us that grew up knowing each other.. that's why the pantuns relates to us... and everyone terasa...

and also this should be a blog where we can share interesting stuff in general...like for example , my post on the Pukii video.. or the duit kopi song , though it does not relate to our past or present or future , it's general enough that everyone can layan...

Anyway , i think we shouldn't limit any posting.. let everyone post watever they want , then if it's not berkaitan , we'll comment on it , then greg , delete it...

so we still make this blog a place where we can express outselves.. but as a blogger , pandai pandai la post your post..

i'm nick lee, bitch! said...

my vote is: no limits.

if someone posts something that has absolutely nothing to do with any of us- then they will hear about it in the comments right?
If not, it will just get ignored right? stop me if my logic is wrong.

because all the tigers are very reasonable people, if they read their comments, and act accordingly - takde problem right?

if rajen posts pics of his colleague in langkawi - we'll just call him gay or ignore his ass right?

sorry man... but i think this is all just kecoh giler. If i were to tell you about this one time, in band camp... even tho it doesnt have anything to do with you all...
maybe itll still get some laughs or whatever right?

btw; i loved the "perkataaan hari ini" segment.

Gregs said...

yaaa, i agree with nick. I dont mind if you all kutuk or anything like that. Just not comfortable with the deleting issue.

7thlovechild said...

then it's done then.... allow anyone to post anything , ... and allow us to comment anything...

i'm pretty sure things will get quite interesting... :)

Gregs said...

Yes, that's how it's always been. Anyone can write anything, and anyone can comment anything. And no one shall be compelled to have their post/comment deleted.

Personally i think that's the best way to move forward.

eugene said...

wah!! so long the comments! ganas giler!i just want to know, whats the story with all this? so much drama man... i personal would like to know stuff related to all the tigers/ lioness lifes. its fun to know what you're up to. so i really honestly don't know what the big fuss is about. just post whatever i suppose. cheers hey!

howsurmother? said...

ok. i see it now.
so y'all can post whatever thing y'all wants. then if kena 'bang' in da comment or whatever... you just have to stand your ground defending or debate over it..but dont la go deleting it... we gotta moveeee forward.man

Manta Loves Peace & RocknRoll bitch!

julian. said...

yeah.. it is too damn kecoh. just post what you feel like posting.. its whats keeping this blog going and just makes it all the more interesting..

7thlovechild said...

ahahaha... i love you guys la...

shah & drew said...

this is just a blog.

post what you want.

if there are interests in your post, then there will be comments.

if there are no interests, then there will not be any comments.

no fuss.

no limits.

keep it simple.


Gregs said...

Okay I think everyone is clear about the rules of engagement in this blog now. So just let me confirm it one more time.

Post whatever you want, within the boundaries of blogger ethics.You are encouraged to keep to topics that are relevant to all of us. Failure to do so will not result in any actions whatsoever. Constructive criticism are always allowed, so you can give some, but also be acceptable to it as well. Granted, we all act in good faith.

I consider this case closed. I hope our third Tuesday for BM Day will go on without any untoward incident.

Okay now get your furry asses back to write some fun post. We've been lacking some for quite a few days already.

howsurmother? said...

roger and outtttttt!!!!!

-dinesh- said...

kecoh la..
let anyone post anything. worse comes to worse, ppl will just ignore it or bitch abt it over yam cha then comment kau kau.

said and done..

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm