a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Operandi Manta 1

a special thanks to my Manta Navigator..Mr. J.Lam.
finally i've manage to upload some of the videos from our 'Ops Manta'
for those who has been reading what Lam posted earlier on.
you'll know that this whole operation took almost 12Hours!!
yeah, from the moment i got Lam to wake and to Yong Len for bfast until..
we've reach KL to yamcha with yudhis.by the time i got home it was about 6.3x p.m.

first of all..the car is still in good condition.do you fellas know how long it took us to drive from kampar to kl?
it cost us bout 3hour+. but it was all worth it.
the aircond was cool but somehow we sweat like cock thru out the drive..

so, im goin to start some 'fixing' session from tomoro onwards.. 4th June 2007.
currently my baby is pitching for a commercial appearance.
if it can get a spot there.
the rental fee is enuff to coverback 3/4 of the car.
so keep your fingers cross and pray hard for me.

urmm..i'll definitely restore the car..both exterior and interior.
we'll start from the paint,currently im looking at a few colors.
i.e metallic sky blue,orange with black stripe over it,
ferrari red and maybe get a base pearl white paint and
then layer it with apple green color.

the engine.. i have 3 choices.. VR4 , Gti 1.8 and a SR20 engine.
before that..i will thrash my existing engine until KO firstla.

the interior..it will accomodate on what color i chose for the car.
it'll probably be a semi-leather seats preferably white or beige..
to maintain a classy look.

i will re-coat the dashboard with black and wood color material.
apparently now they have this kind of service around here. it's dam simple stuff la..
they take out which ever parts that you wants to re-coat,
then they soak it in the 'mold' or whatever it is..
fuuuuuuu!! Brand New dashboard baby!

urm..what else..
ooo...after a having a long thought..i think i will maintin the original tyre.
at first i thought of changing it into a 19inch..cuz my friend can cheap a damm good deal.
but i think its best that i keep the exterior looks as simple and 'ori' as can be.and for the existing rims..i'll probably needs to re chrome it and dats all..tho it's 13/14inch.
but who cares neway.

lastly the sound system, i will have to do some 'serious' sound system la...
maybe can start with 4 x 18inch woofer,4 x 3000 watts back speaker , 2 x 1000 watts front speaker, 2 x 2way 3500watt amp..
so that once i leave sri damansara..
y'all in TTDI knows that im comin.you feelin' me!

BUt all this planning mite change,if someone offer me a higher price to buy my baby.
currently i've posted on the net.and the price is fetching almost up to RM18k. but im not goin to sell my baby anytime soon la..at least drive for another year or 2...

so with this i present to you
the making and behind the scenes of
'Operandi Manta 2007'
peace y'all.

The Beginning.

The Pit Stop.

Almost There.

The Fellowship....


Gregs said...

wah, you change new engine u're gonna need a new gearbox also. Also with that super duper sound system u putting in, u probably need a bigger alternator, and extra batteries to provide the punch.

You should look at some 1970's muscle car and style it like them, like put a white stripe from the front till the back of your car in the middle.

sure damn cun...

V|vac|ous said...

LOVED IT !!! God every morning i check the blog first before my email ! more more !
btw Ra-Jen u look like Afdlin Shauki in the making ler

howsurmother? said...

really look like Afdlin ah!! yeah!!!

V|vac|ous said...

Really la Now must loose weight like gambar young Ra-Jen and shave facial hair all clean ok. Loose weight is priority. Hope u had a blood test got cholestrol or not ?

But over all very cool with the hat n everything very Daddy-ish !!!!

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm