a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Somebody F***ed up. Big time!!!


Whoever believes that crime does not pay should not live in Malaysia. I consider the latest Maybank scandal an out and out criminal act. There's no other way to describe it. But whoever committed the crime appears to be getting away scot-free.

Okay, for those of you who've been sleeping or been apathetic as usual or been abroad and out of Internet reach in Siberia here's a little background to what took place about a week ago.

Maybank, the country's biggest bank announced that for legal firms to do business with it the firms must have at least 3 Bumiputra partners. One of whom must own no less than 50% equity in the firm. Of course, when the announcement went public the shit hit the fan. As it should.

Muhibbah, right? One for all and all for one, right? Racial integration, right? Fair play, right? Wrong! These are the rules. So there!

The legal profession went berserk. Some of the Malaysian rakyat, those who weren't sleeping or been properly trained as sheep, thought, "What the hell???!!!"

And then the usual talking heads realised..."Eh? Somebody screwed up big time la." Shit!" Then they all came out and made...statements. Even went up to the cabinet at a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister who wasn't opening a restaurant or looking at kebayas that day. And they all echoed the usual, "No cannot!"

And then some really funny stuff came forth from the mouths of some of these trained sheep. Ng Yen Yen, the deputy finance minister was reported as questioning the bank's move as firms that provided the best professional services should be the criteria for selection. Where's Yen Yen been living all these years? The moon?

Hishammuddin Hussein, I'm not sure with or without the keris this time, thought he was being smart when he used another racialistic argument against a racialistic decision. He said that in multi-racial Malaysia every small thing could become sensitive. Hello, Hisham you're not always going to be able to scare us with mentions or veiled references to May 13, 1969 you know. So what? So we should keep quiet and let you sweep this shit under the carpet because you scare us with this May 13 riots and bloodshed memory? This isn't about small things becoming sensitive. This is about a major f**k up that somebody needs to answer for. Okay, I'm waiting for you or one of your cabinet colleagues to pull out the ever useful "rights enshrined in the Constitution" gambit. With bated breath.

Hisham, I choose to believe that us Malaysians are smart enough to know that the only way we can prosper is to live and work together as one nation.

It's been days since the shit hit the fan but do you notice something? No names have ever been mentioned. It's always Maybank did this Maybank shouldn't have done that. So? So who the f**k is Maybank? Who in Maybank was responsible for making the decision to discriminate so blatantly? Was it the chairman? The board of directors? Some senior manager? Maybank made a decision which means someone signed on the dotted line knowing full well what he/she was doing. Right? So how come, the cabinet, the Prime Minister and all the assorted bunch of politicians are busy making statements and excuses but nobody has ever mentioned a name from Maybank who signed the directive?

This makes an ordinary, tax-paying member of the rakyat like me very suspicious. Was this a government decision that went horribly wrong? Was some bigshit...sorry I meant bigshot...in Maybank trying to covertly sabotage the government's plans? Was this discrimination something that's been happening all along and that this was just a cat out of the bag situation? How are we going to trust each other ever again? How are we to believe the government's plans for racial integration are even real?

But already the coverage of this Maybank thing is losing steam in the mainstream media. The flers from BN will make some more statements. Maybe fire some fireworks in celebration of some Visit Malaysia Year biggest, longest, stupidest 'achievement' and soon we will all forget and go back to our apathetic lives.

But today I am one really unhappy Malaysian. I am unhappy that something like this could happen. I am unhappy that so many of my friends don't seem to think that this is a big deal. I am unhappy that I am being patronised by the very people who should be accountable to me for f**k ups like this. I am unhappy that everybody is talking and nobody is being held accountable or responsible. Not the finance minister. Not Bank Negara. Not Maybank.

I will never use Maybank services. And I think you shouldn't either. But then I know...aiyah! troublesome la want to change bank account. Somemore they got so many branches ma. So easy for me lor. Hiyah! Waffor want to worry la. Can't do anything anyway what.

Okay, you like the shit hole you're living in you can stay in it. I'm not going to.



Gregs said...

I think they "officially" retracted that policy. But who knows what's going on unofficially. Yeah I've always seen Maybank as a true Malaysian bank until I heard about this. Still maintain an account with them though.

One more thing, If you cut n paste an article from other people's blog like Patrick Teoh's....better put some citation to let everyone know. He can sue you for plagiarism you know.

V|vac|ous said...

Yeah rajen I knew immediately its Pat Teoh's blog coz his wife gives me cake recepies !

Yes I do read my comics daily i.e thestar.com.my so I am aware of this issue and yes gregs is right they did retract this.

Finally HIDUP CIMB !!!!

howsurmother? said...

ya kah..dam. i cut and paster form my mail ler..didnt know. sorry ah, Pat.
don't sue me!!

7thlovechild said...

i was just reading his niamah blog before i check the tigers blog...

his blog damn interesting man...


Maybank damn pu*im*k man... haigh... how la malaysia want to maju... damn stress man every other time got these shit issues... muhibah cock la..

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm