a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

For the Lioness..


since i promised a poem for my dear vinnie..here is one i FOUND.
sorry dear..got no time for inspirations. but if the words really do come..
it would somthing like this..... i wish!!! hehe..

Away from home.

sit here in this foreign bed
so many thoughts in my head
Like, I'll be here and you'll be there
I hope you know how much I care.

Sometimes it takes bein apart
makes us feel that piece in our heart.
That we don't think about'long enough
times like this, may seem tough.

I know I love u and u love me
thats the way it will always be.
May seem kinda really strange
Its damn sure something that wont change.

So I'll leave you with this little note
I'll be your lifesaver,you don't need a boat
While you layin sleeping in our bed
may dreams of us dance in your head.

© By Anthony S. Marks

well, it takes me about 10 minutes to find this poem.
hope u enjoyed it...
at least i'm being honest right.
it's the thought that counts.



V|vac|ous said...

Oh my gosh !! i saw badminton post i was like wow coolneed then i scroll down i saw my name so touching and yes least u were honest. very nice i misss u... why no one else comment eh !! they all jelous ke?

7thlovechild said...

ahahha.. it's just weird..

rajenthemantaboy said...

apa weird weird??? BAGI kang...

V|vac|ous said...

itulah jelous lam think he only ade anak ayam - chick ni rajen ade lionesss ok !!!!

SO SWEETTTTTTT n least rajen not like other men least he honest he cebok stuff

lick knee. said...

eh. rajen.. got no poem for me ker?

rajenthemantaboy said...

you ah???? u oso didnt ask....

Twiggy said...

aww...sweet.. :D i wonder if there are any poems out there dedicated to stick thin people.. hahahahah

7thlovechild said...

ahaha.. no comment.. no comment...

rajenthemantaboy said...

it's hard to find stick people's poem... but stick THIN people is of course much more harder la...Raje, u nak ke?? maybe in 1 1/2 hour kut kena cari... :) hahahahahaaaaa...

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm