a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

the good ol' days.

i will start brainstorming today and tomoro for the next instalments of 'my dreams' .
but til then i've nothing yet.actually i started thinking since last nite...but nothing came to me.
maybe my source of inspiration too far away from me..dats y got no inspirasi.
instead i took my camera a took a few pictures in my room.

Scouts NIght. 'Malam Suai Kenal' i think was taken during Form 4.

This is at Raja a.k.a Twiggy at her place during her bday or some gathering..
(dinesh,julian,nicholas lee,bak,rajen,fua,lim,way kiat,yudhish,hadi and greg)

some good memories to chuck in.... :)
but now she's OWNED. so BACK OFF ppl.

The 1 ever most Successful Annual Scout Dinner. Batch 2000.
Mess with the Best,U die like the Rest.
( eugene,radzlan,rajen,greg,cikgu xxx,nazmi,julian,yudhish,dinesh and rafeek)

this was taken either julian or dinesh leaving to oversea...
the tiger's night out...muahahahaaaa..
(complete circle - julian,rajen,tan,fua,dinesh,bak,ong,lam,yudhish and way kiat)

the evergreen band 'Tourmaline',they disbanded during 1999.
heard that they are planning a comeback on 2013.
(left to right - rafeek,juling,lam,greg,dinesh and rajen)

this was 5Beta picnic day....scandalous. :)
(left to right - rajen,yudhis,sara,anis,julian,bak and lam)

i have a few more picture,maybe i will load it next time la,
hope you guys enjoy this.i could have taken better picture.but my hand is shaking at that time..
wonder why...

neway... zip it up and zip it out!!!!


eugene said...

rajen is thin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg said...

rajen, you should scan all these pics. Digitize them before they get mouldy!

rajenthemantaboy said...

i would love to..but time is not on myside.. :(

Greg said...

who's cikgu xxx ah? the fact that we took a pic with her means it's one of the more likable teachers. Must find out who she is....

Greg said...


trying spending a little less time with lil johnny, maybe u'll free up some time.

heh heh heh heh heh...

rajenthemantaboy said...

OIT!!!!! SHhhHhHhhHhhh!!!!!
jatuhlah my saham!!


that teacher , ive forgotten her name... but we all know that she's a nice and cool teacher...

the scout annual dinner was the bombest!
never seen anyone of us wearing so damm slick and smart for function edi man...

perhaps eugene's or lam's wedding la..whichever comes 1st... hehe

lick knee. said...


i remember the days of tourmaline... and people (when i say "people", i mean "Rajen") called Julian = julie.

never really figured out (or cared why).

and waykiat waws barney/richard.

rajenthemantaboy said...

didnt i gave u names as well????
hmmmmmm.... (scratching ma'head)

lick knee. said...

whats my name, bitch?

Twiggy said...

omg omg omg...ahahahhah.. bestnye tengok gambar lama-lama ni.. heheheh

rajenthemantaboy said...

come to think about it...i never took a picture with twiggy before la.later kahwin time i need an up close and personal picture with you OK!!!


Anonymous said...

rajen u look can dun when u were young !!! hope this is motivation for u. so cute n handsome

rajenthemantaboy said...

giler..... who's this anonymous??!!!! tell me la..this weekend i bring u go All u can eat Buffet.....ahahaaaaa

those were the good ol' days.it would be great to go back and get back what we've got at that time. but im quite happy with what i have and what i am now..

tho' it would be great if i can shed off some kilos....but wait.what am i talking?? i've BIG BONES...

Greg said...

omg speaking about buffet, suddenly i have a craving for Harts Chicken buffet in pyramid. Still around ah the place?

rajenthemantaboy said...

hart's still around. this years 'harts privilege' we haven't use it yet. as y'all know we are only entitled to'berhimpun' there once a year....shud we wait for you??

Greg said...

hehehe maybe....maybe... we'll findout.

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm