a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Monday, January 14, 2008


oit oit..

First of all... need to thank my baby V.G and my dearest fucka Dinesh for the bday post...
thank thanks....kiss V.G no kiss din....

it's monday, back in office...
bosan giler babi. Yo My God!!! got nothing in my head....
now just staring at the screen, thinking and typing.got two monkees in front of me.
1 is my boss the other wan is my producer.

both oso wear dam slick today...dunno if later got meeting or what?
me is wearing my favorite short army cargo pants,my crocs and my favorite orange hawaiian shirt..
cuz i feels like Hanging Loose today... it's been a tiring weekend. if u know what i mean.
with parties and dramas....i decided to give myself a break..so this morning i go whack Chee Cheong Fun big time..somewhere near my house..fucka cost me rm7.80 , bollocks is making money man... i think i better quit my job and go sell bak kut teh or Babi goreng...oopss sorry...we got muslim audience in the HOUSE..... wat i meant was 'CHICK KUT TEH' & AYAM GORENG.....

i gaved up babi long ago..now im a Chicken Man!!! totally pork free... so im considered halal..
can date muslim chicks... that if i can get my MA'ams approval la...

dam what crap am i talking here.... kebosanan tahap dewa man....no la..dewa oso not as bosan like this until layan sorang sorang...urmmm...

last night went yamcha with the gang. at the Sacred Temple of Mosin. where they served the best Chicken tandoori & BomTAJ. serious guys.. it's top in the BOMBAY chart ok!!!! well at least in mine it does...aiya..talk is cheap here..come on la..next time whoever is back here..i bring u to mosin..then we kena 1 nice,big,fat,juicy BOMTAJ with extra Mayonnaise...
i'm sure'll go ' Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!'

last week what happened eh?? got anything else to update?? hmmm...
oh ya.. where the hell is my DVD rewinder? i thought u guys getting me 1?? tiiuu!!!

i wanted to put up the bday pictures..but now the material is with din.maybe later la..chilleks guys..

here..i dedicate a video to 1 of my many good fren. The Cute Tiger..

Starring : -
Hero Tiger : The Cute Tiger
Watak Sampingans 1 : Thambiland Tiger
Watak Sampingans 2 : The Black Mamba Tiger
Watak Sampingans 3 : Doctor Thai Girl
Guest Voice : Master Tiger..

this was taken on july 2006 ,where we all
are cracking our heads deciding where to watch the world cup.

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Anonymous said...

nice one more clips!

- lioness malas to sign in !

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm