a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Friday, January 4, 2008

My First post for 2008...

HAppy Yeppi everybody...

how was your new year's party??? how it's well spent.
well.. i started work on the 1st.. suxx right..
been a bit tight up with the working schedule.but i still find time to update the blog..
I've just got hold of the new year picture dinesh. but im still waiting for the rest from jul,ong and lam...

I'm working on a petronas commercial.
this time i'll be playing with F1 cars and oil rig...
yup.. BMW sauber F1 sponsored by petronas... urmmm..
I'll be traveling in style this time around..
yeah..I'm going to be on a Helicopter..traveling from kl to Kerteh. ( Resak Dulang Platform)
it's a great job to the year with...hopefully Good business to everyone and myself.

my resolution for this year is to work hard and do something meaningful and at the same time...try to be a bit more serious.

for our frens who's not in town with us..we know that you guys had a blast time on years as well.. do share the joy man..

so together in this post.. i give you.. a lil' get together before the dusk of 2008..

call me for audition... 012 374 XXXX !!!!
*watch where the hand is.....kantoi-ed

Cam Whoresss....

1 for Valene..

and 1 for Lam See How..

Ong's showing off his Moon Walk..


Don't Move Part 1.

Don't MOVE!! i saw something....

Rajen : Din, what do you think???
Dinesh : I think he's goin to do somethign stupid man....

Anonymous 1 :Hell Yeah!!! Say Helloo to my little friend...
Anonymous 2 : Hold ur horses man..lemme finish my ciggie 1st.

Lam : OMG!!!!!!! faster pass me the camera.!!!!!!!!
Valene : Sayang..dun move..I tengah maintain nie....
Din : haih... cina mabuk...
Rajen : JUL!!! say hello to his little friend!!!!!

Lastly, words from our sponsors..

Sponsors : Drink and Smoke more for Healthier Living.
Hang Loose!!!


-dinesh- said...

Happy happy new year dua zero zewo ait.
Sincerest hopes that u guys n girls have a good year ahead

btw, the party continues tonight.. yammmm......

-dinesh- said...

Happy happy new year dua zero zewo ait.
Sincerest hopes that u guys n girls have a good year ahead

btw, the party continues tonight.. yammmm......

lick knee. said...

damn. looks like a good time. ive got some photobooth pictures i'll scan in and post up soon.
happy two double o Aaaaight!

V|vac|ous said...

Firstly Happy New Year fellow tiger brothers who raised me all these years.

Secondly Hello Rajen darling...so comel lately

Thirdly is my serious message to you all: please stop drinking and smoking. Drinking can in moderation. Please love your selves and your kidneys.

You dont want 2 retire and then spend all your hard earned KWSP money on medical bills. You guys mean alot to me so please love your selves.

You have been given good health please treasure it.You dont know what you have till you have lost it.

Also sincerely wishing you all happy 2008. Dinesh Kite Runner movie is out. Nick look forward to you pictures. Mine got a few on mukabuku. sila comment ok.My new yr was cold n wet but it wouldnt be new yrs in Scotland if it didnt rain.


we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm