a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my dreams... trying to continue.

opening shot of an evening horizon where the sun meets the sea.
time was around 5-10minutes to seven. i couldn't remember well.

i knew i was not alone cuz i was reading this magazine with the cover of an green creature with big head who reminds me of my soon to be 25yrs fren, lam.and an UFO behind it with a distinct red wording that reads 'You Are Not Alone!!!' ...

yes, i'm at my mansion in malibu.having my annual vacation with my long time fiance, Vinnie and our Pug name Julie. later at night we're attending a ball hosted by Sri Yudhish Baba the future ambassador of Ktulu Kekekeee.the ball starts at 9pm,so vinnie decided to have some last minute shopping with twiggy.

rajen invited a few frens to meet up before heading off to the ball with his customed limo Manta which can fit now approx 14 ppl inside. introducing the character of 2012.

Fua the Sin Ka Oil Ltd. Tycoon.

Lam the MACWorld.com. Leading world distributor

Dinesh a.k.a Malaysian Bachan the Engineer turn International Superstar.

Yudhish the 1st Indian to own a Secret Recipe in North pole.

Tun Liew the 1st ever Tun's that owned 72 Kalimantan Elephant Ears.

Captain Ong was awarded the Top Gun III title after his counter act upon terrorist on the 797Bangbus carrying 2800 Iraqi from crashing into the land of USA.
Now his names stands side by side with Tom Cruise.

Sir Lick Knee the Noble prize winner 2010,The Most Humane Human for inventing the Semi - Auto robotic Nose picker machine for the Lazy Ppl.

Dr. Gan the world's top 5 clit...i mean Gynecologist
(world's No.1 gyne is Mr Garuoun Puki from japan)

and Gregory Wong the monkee that started celinedionism...

so, they were all at the Gaming Room chilling , pooling and darting.

Rajen : Fuuuuuuuuhhh!! din ur on the news again man!

Din : Dun trust what you guys read ok... i did not do those kinda things.

Nick : For real nigga'??

Fua : Kaninabu! fucka, so how was she la?? tight ass?

Rajen : dah main??what's her name again ah...

Yudhish : Nin.....

Way Kiat : Aaaaaa.... so whose next?? all in onot? i got 2 pair.Gan , u follow onot?

Gan : up urs man,con kow me ah..everytime oso can get flush..

way Kiat : eh deude, im the god of gamblers maa...dun la marah...cari makan.

Nick : i'm folding man, ive got a slow hand tonight..

everyone was doin there thing...suddenly Ong came in..

Ong : ei..look look i tangkap this crab outside there..check out its 'Khong' man.. dam kow big.

Fua : see how la..... :)

Lam : ya , ya..dam big man.. scuse' me.. ' Hello,Val...

Julie : woof wuf fuf....

Rajen : what crab u dapat??? Fa Hai???? Chau Hai? Ma Hai???

Ong : Lei Lo Mo Ke Fa Hai!!!

Rajen : OIT!!! tiuniaseng ah!! Mun Siang tarak ajar ka!!!

DIn,Yudhish : ei,guys guys!!chills la..

Din's pulling Ong, Yudhish is grabbing Rajen...

Fua : Lanciao la...i dun think Rajen dare to whack Ong...

Nick : i dunt think so homie... slap that fool,bitch!!

Lam : Oi oi...we all duwana go langkawi ok.....i pokai edi... val just bougth the whole Asadi Winter Collection...

Rajen : what u said fua???

Yudhish : he said....

Din : shhhhh shhhh...

Nick batu api!!!

Nick : tell him man!! tell him!!

Fua : Raj.... (KEDUPP!!)

rajen smashed fua........

(to be continued)

p/s: Eugene couldn't enter the dream cuz he's a family man.Sorry boss... i scared later i salah mimpi bout papaya farm..then you'll get into trouble with Beatrice... :)


Greg said...

wah what the hell is celinedionism?

rajenthemantaboy said...

it's a beliefs that u've created in order to worship celine dion...by enchanting her songs over and over again for every single day while you're on earth..believing that it will bring you closer to Celine Dion...

7thlovechild said...

huahuahahahahha... among all the dreams you had.. this is definitely the best.. puki.. i tergelak baik punya la dude.. ahhahaa

let's go get some big ass fahai's kong someday..


rajenthemantaboy said...

hahahahaha... i cannot fikir d..
cun ah,the everyone talking part..

lick knee. said...

chun, chun to the moon.

damn funny wei. and i dont want crabs. lobster can ah?

rajenthemantaboy said...

ok nic. lobster for u on the upcomin dreams.

V|vac|ous said...

nice la but dont call julian dog lerrrr ! so bad laaaa daddddy

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm