a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sempena Hari Selasa Meriah

Sebaik sahaja saya memposkan entri blog ini, hari selasa telah tamat.
It is technically wednesday.
My limited command of Bahasa constricts my thoughts and funnels them towards the inane and useless. I've been out of practice. I admit - I have submitted my spoken word to an insidious and bastardized version of the language called english. I have become victim to Americana. Words like "Awesome" have become interchangeable with "the".

I dropped my roommate off at the airport today. He's flying back to kl for a week of vacation.
He is going to be drunk the ENTIRE time.
We were talking about going back to kl last night (after our 2nd or 3rd pitcher)... and i painfully conclude that KL is no longer considered my "home". A knee-jerk reaction typically invokes Malaysian as motherland and "home" but in my drunken investigations, I realize that I am too far removed from our muggy peninsula paradise.
Its like the weird diaspora of when our ancestors decided to get up and leave the country they grew up in. Off towards greener pastures?
I've come to face the fact that i am an immigrant.

I miss the food and the faces. Friends and family. But i have acclimatized to my home in Minneapolis. The self depreciating lyrics of this city are mine to sing now too. Odd Midwestern charm and confused metropolis cool have intertwined into what i call my home. The motion city soundtrack and atmosphere of this land of lakes is what i know now. Chicks on bicycles with tattoos ride our grand rounds and the hipsters and thugs converge in Uptown. Downtown is bustling with the have and have-nots; strip clubs and Christian clubs stand side by side .
I know this city like the back of my hand. Malaysia is my happy past but Minneapolis is my present and conceivable future.
Adapt and survive right?

While I only assume that i will meet up with you before you meet with me - i invite anyone and everyone of you to make a trip up here. Hang out. Have a few beers. Enjoy. Come lah.*

*brought to you by the Minneapolis tourism board. I do not condone visiting strip clubs and going to church within the same hour.


howsurmother? said...

minneapolis sounds ike a good place...
i will go there once if i've got the money!1

7thlovechild said...

will surely visit you wan... wait ... haigh.. no promises on when...

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm