a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

but jason lam IS my friend

i open up my inbox on a wednesday morning, and i find:

I didn't understand!! Were we not already friends? Did i do something to jeopardize our friendship and i didnt make amends? Did he hit his head and have retrograde amnesia?? what about all the good times we shared in the past? was that all for nothing???

Then i hit "delete spam."

But it did makes me wonder.... are my online friends as valid as my so called real-life-friends? I dont know how many of you have myspace or friendster or facebook. And i looked thru the relic that is my friendster. Maybe you should have a checkmark for "acquaintences", "friends", "BFF's", "some wanker i knew in college", and "i dont really know this kid, but i'd like to hang out with them more".... and we cant forget the "damn. shes hot. i want to be somehow associated with her hotness".

How many of your virtual friends are your actual friends?
and does anyone have virtual only friends? (Rajen, i dont count online sex chats as "friends" - despite how friendly they may be).


howsurmother? said...

fuck you!!

7thlovechild said...

ahahhahaha..... hmmm... crap la i tell you ... sometimes , some of the web services really can give you headaches man...and actually blogger is giving me quite a headache... haigh..

7thlovechild said...

hmmm... how many virtual friends are my real friends??

friendster = 5%

myspace = ... 1%??

that should be it... ahahha...

Gregs said...

I got that reminder from Jason Lam also. Makes it look like I have abandoned him. LOL..

Basically those all in Friendster are friends, at one time or another, but lost contact for various reasons. Probably still keeping in touch with about 15%-20% of them.

As for Facebook, which is much newer than Friendster, I'd say i still know and keep in touch with more than 90% of them.

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm