a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Monday, December 31, 2007

moment of truth...

hey peeps..
it's been a wild year for all of us i believe and 2008 is just 4 hours away.(msia time)
so far the plan is to go over to ONG's place to chill and have a quiet evening...
all lifetime mates is here as well.. for those who can't make it.
dun worry. we'll toast for y'all. i personally will be more than happy to drink on your behalf..
so you guys dunt hafto worry bout me. :)

well.. really dunno what else to say.
urm...... really wish that y'all is around.

just chatted with my bee... she's still working.. dun work so hard k dear... :)
u drun drink so banyak wine later.drink responsibly like my fren Mr.Ong would say..

to : nick,greg,gan,eugene & her royal lioness-
Happy New Year..safe lotsa money,comeback and visit us sometimes. tho' come back and take me out for drinks is the ultimate plan.but i will settle just to see you guys around town.

love , peace and Hang Loose...

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