a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

flash back...2000.

man, you guys all must be very busy la..until no time to layan the blog.
neway it's cool la. cuz we know that all tigers are busy working for the dough. for those who's still supporting.
i thank you.

oh fuck man. it's the END og the year 2007 edi.dam fast man. it was like yesterday oni we celebrated the last new year.wel probly not 'yesterday' la..maybe like few days back like that..but y'all understood my message right... hmmm... message or massage? fuck it.. :)

im pretty sure those who's not i msia..u'all sure got plans to party ur ass off for the new year.
and i know that u know that nick and greg is goin celebrate it at Hooter's.the wan down in nick's place.

and Eugene is probly gonna get so smashed up on new years eve and party like there's no next year cuz we all know the This wild Horse is goin to be OWNED by the end of 2008... ahahahahah.... party ur heart out man!!!! hehe...

Gan probly will go to town and check out all sorts of pussy for his thesis..*yawn hahaa...chill bro..

urm... i'm not sure what's my vinnie is up to this year..but im pretty dam sure she would love to spend her new year in my Manta rather than in anywhere else in the world.. betul tak? betul tak?

Julian is back here..so he'lll follow wherever we go. there's no option for him unless he decided to join his bro and dianne...

* Din...hopefully the bugger's plane no delay la..if not he'll be spending his new year on the plane...wahahahaahah.... ei..u better get me those 'klak klak' shoes man!!

so for this year our gang stilll doesnt have any plans yet of where to go.. i was thinking of getting an executive hotel room somewhere in KL where we can see the KL skyline at night
but all the hotel is FULLY booked..dam

then was thinking of goin down to PD..sorta standard escapade la..but lam is working til 1030.
so we all duno what to do now. mebbe BBQing at some fella's crib? that sounds like a plan...

aiya..now days new year.. it just doesnt feels like it..u know what i mean... like back in the days la.....i still remember this,our 1 year out for new year. that was the bomb man.right place at the right time.sumo with all the Y2k stories..Gan use to say.'so during the countdown later...when it goes to zero..means everything will reset back to 0000 instead 2000...then all the nuclear bombs and warhead will go haywired and launch by itself..' DAM what bollocks is that man..
but that was the 'thing' that everyone talks about and in the end what happened??

they were all out there partying like there's no tomoro...wtf!! ahahahahaha.... thise were the days la..urmm.. oh yeah ..we followed jul sister's car.some followed fua.... then i did some last minute shopping at One Utama..before goin to bangsar.

we waste beer like water...buy couple of bottle just for spraying at the crowd..we did the train thingy...and was that the year that nick or eugene hanging at Ong's uncle's TV at Canteena??

man we were quite smashed that night. and i still remembers that din,yudhis ,fua and way kiat was quite pissed..cuz have to take care of me , lam and nick..cuz all dah sorta KO...hahahaha...

wish we had a DV camera back then..then we could have recorded it.and name the tape. 'Those were the days of class 2000'...or something like that.

well..it's been a lot of crapping.i think i better go get some beer now. i will something tonite or tomoro before the countdown. to all brothers and sisters.
peace. we love you guys. regardless if u're white , black , chocolate , fat , thin , tall or short.
we niggaz ride together , we die together... Bad Boys for life.

urmm..i dun really mean 'die' as in DIE la..u know what i mean?u dig??

anyway...all those crap is just an excuse for me to upload this picture....
i just found out that if way kiat is not in P&G..
he does part time in the Zoo...



7thlovechild said...

love you dude... thanks for the memories.. ahaha.

V|vac|ous said...

nice one !!! yeah u and me and manta + oysters !!! u forgot mention dinesh lerrrrrrrrrr



and 2007 will always go down as the year this great 'tc' blog that we all love was born. So special thanks to Rajen for creating this and best post of the year has to go to Lam for the trip to manta lengkap with Interkota tickets etc !!!!!!


lick knee. said...

it was me. i went autopilot in ongs uncles bar.

i love you kids man. happy new year! we brothers (and assorted sisters) ride fo life.

no hooters for me, other than my own personal stash... hehehe.
im just going to some party to countdown, but remember that ill toast all ya'll when the clock hits 12.

rajenthemantaboy said...

YESSSHHH!!! that's the spirit!
evrything is cool for this year. plus 1 tiger got engaged this year. what more can we all ask for la.

so let's make some bet here...
who's the next in line after eugene?

and Nick the TV Tarzan.i've always assume that u n greg will go hooters for party... ahahahahaha.... hoot hoot hoot.
peace man!

tan said...

happy new year boys, may 2008 be a good year for us pigs.. hahahaa

Greg said...

Don't need to go to nick's place for hooters...I have one in my backyard here. anyway screw hooters. Coyote Ugly is da bomb!

Oh yaa, I remember nick went auto pilot and we had to carry him from the streets back to ong's uncle's bar. And then while trying to prove how sober he is, he knocked his head on the TV mount and just collapsed on the floor. Hahahahah!

Happy new year y'all...

V|vac|ous said...

next to kawin is lam !!!! or maybe rajen and matna ler make a cute couple !

Newyrs in Scotland is called Hogmany its a special thing we get 1st n 2nd off ! in the past 2 yrs they have called it off due to bad weather. last yr winds 70 miles ph i was flying !!! quite sad coz many ppl come from all over the world to see it.

this yr weatehr seems ok so far. am going for dinner at my french friends house then to the city for hogmany celebrations. few famous bands wil be playing so happy new yr tigersssssssssssss

2008 here we come !

7thlovechild said...

chillex guys.. me not gonna tie the knot so sooonnnn... i'll let you know when i do..

ehehe.. 2008.. here we come.. hope to make things different this year.. hmmm... see how la ar.... ahaha..

Lam See First

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm