a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Friday, December 21, 2007


finally got time to update y'all bout myself..
well,it has been a verrrry long 3weeks for me.
from cutting pictures to pick up Shilpa Shetty and sitttin in a Ferrari 355 spider..
hung a guy onto a tadano crane and lift him up to 8 storey high and swung him around with nno insurance..cuz my asst forgotten to buy it. Pheww...thank god nothing happened.
we shot 3 days.all night shoot.so by now it pretty much sums up the days that we didnt sleep.OMG..shilpa was da BOMB!! Her curves and Hu Hu was MADness!!!!!!! it's totally BomBUSTic man.... i bet thru out the shoot..most of us guys 'die Standing' or rather had 'One Night Stnd' pitching their tent.......wahahahahahaaaa.. the ferrari was superb la.giler dashyat.the mutha whack 240 on the highway.
crazzzyyy man.we took like 20mins to putrajaya from dsara.
but fucking hell...the engine was so dammn noisy...can feel the acceleration man..pick up was awesome.then while shooting another fella brought a Modena model over to out location....
here's some pictures..

the legendary - Karamjit Singh

The Woman that might come between me and my.....

MIss Shilpa Shetty...

the crane story that i tell y'all

The Man's Chatting with the other Man...


lick knee. said...

so exciting! what shoot was this?

rajenthemantaboy said...

romanov.. it's a whisky.
for india market...but we call it Music Passion..to cover line. whahaahaha

V|vac|ous said...

Shilpa Shitty u mean ?

rajenthemantaboy said...


lick knee. said...

cat fight!!!

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm