a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Saturday, May 31, 2008


everymans favorite path


my saturday starts at 8.34am this morning..
was dam cun sleeping..dreaming of white chicks with a Jcup size breast..
then a freking phone call at 8.34..took it all away from me!! dam sakit hati..
dunno why i dreamt of that Jcup...maybe cuz last night i watched southpark , the cat piss episode..waahahaaaaaa
anyway, since im up..might as well leave to work early..so i went for early lunch at 10.10 this morning...kena 1 nice chinese mix rice...babi,ayam,egg n sayur....a complete meal from vitamin A-Z to start a man's day...YEAHHHHH!!!!

today time passing dammm slow...now oni 4.18pm at this point . bosan aaa... luckily i planned a yamcha session for tonight at 9pm at Moshin. come 1 come all...more the merrier.
attendees are din,yudhis,greg and myself... so who else?? i will try not to msg anyone regarding the yamcha session...sees if anyone reads this post onot... if ur reading..then u will be moshin at 9pm right??? this message is to all silent blogger/visitor in this blog...hahaahaaa....we know who you are... Mr. Greg can track u guys down...haahhaah....

urm... i dun feel guud...ada sikit demam..but still got shit loads of work to do...cibai.

im looking forward for my cambodia holiday...if anyone interested...do text me or email..
i just checked Air Asia...if we book now.. the fare is about RM 80 to go and Rm110 for return...
which i think it's not bad at all... plus we need bout USD300-350 for spending if we go in 2-3 fellas... nice ma like that..sharing is caring....just lemme know la..i will check with marge.last week she say ok... but will confirm later...
oh ya...she wanted to back pack...hmmmm....neway..anyone got Lonely Planet Cambodia?? i wana get it.. if anyone know..do pass the contact...

ok la... now dah 4.39pm. have to continue my work. ciao
have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

reminder : we're gentle

we are nice tigers....
picture speaks a thousand words...

Mary Jane with Master on lap,filling the back is Greg , Lam , Nick , Eugene
and Dinesh.

Kathy with Yudhis (he dam layan) ..... ong is dreaming at the back...

that's Yuri checking Fua's Ass...


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008


i'm dammm jakun man... just downloaded a
.gif maker programme..
dah siok main...

me izzz DADDY!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Mid Days Of The Week ....

*** So Lovingkan this picture***
Hello All My Boys and Cute and Cuddly Tigers,

How is everyone holding up? Its been a bit iffy for me but that is probably because its the middle of the week. Few things are ticking me off but its ok I hope in a few days time it will be ok.

So I read this post http://yearofthaboomerang.blogspot.com/2008/05/stuck.html on Sam's blog and it was so funny ! Lengkap dengan gambar !!! My gosh I was wondering what if it happened to me ? READ THIS NO REGRETS !!!!

Then I visited Twiggy's blog with her surprise honeymoon. WOWWW never hear of that one before think i also wanna kawin lerrrrr heheheh

Then today I have this lovely dress on to work because I think I will feel better if I make the effort to go to work instead of the usual jeans. Yup, I can wear jeans to work COOL EH !!! Provided no clients ler that day or outside meeting with outside people.

Weather/ Cuaca - today is still Winter here in Edinburgh. Gloomy no sun etc. Its kind of depressing i need the sun. I was going to go to the NHS (National Health Service) to ask for the sun light that mirrors the sun but my doctor friend said they will refer me to a shrink etc etc first then blah blah wait list etc !!! God I don't want to be mentally assessed I'm not crazy I'm just from a hot country that's used to sun who will go crazy if I cant get any sun or sunlight !!!! HOW LAAAAAAAAAA

Then I had a wee chat with 'Who's yr Daddy' he has done so well for himself so proud of u.

Then Greggs told me he is home. Eat on my behalf OK. Congrats on your new life choice.

Then Jason and Eugene long time I have not seen. Jason's blog also nothing new besides soilworks. Oh am going for another concert Runrig @ Edinburgh Castle. Scottish-Traditional Rock band

Then Nick and I just finished another Scrabble. No more for now eh Nick Im having great trouble assessing FB at work.

Then Dinny where are you ! Did I tell u he was so sweet that time i balik UK 5.30 am he rang me to say bye ! Oh Dinny I have been addicted to these free sites that I can watch all the Desp. Housewives, Ugly Betty, Brothers n Sisters(Guys this series is the best ever BEST BEST !!!! ) n Big Love !!! I love my broadband.

The rest of you guys I hope u r fine I do think of you and I hope u r ok.

Ok guys that all just felt like writing u know being in strange moods can make u do strange things.

Lots of Love !



Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ken Payi!!

yo... i was checking out Che Guevara's blog , and in his recent post i found this clip!!!
so i've decided to copy from his blog and embed it here...

Farking Brilliant Shit!!!!


hey yo sey yo!

nothing feels like the warmth of sunday morning when the sun light hits my room..
it's freaking too dam hot that i had to get up early!

so far my day dun go that well...my target was to sleep until at least 5PM.then can go makan strait and catch a movie or something.my producer called and say tomoro no need to go work...cuz it's a public holiday.GILERR...i oso get a public holiday man! muahahahahaaa...
so tomoro's plan is to finish up all the dvd's that i've bought and havent watch... got about 11dvd.
as for now, another producer friend of mine called and he wana go Happy Hour...we dunno where to go yet.he mentioned sky bar or hard rock.gila punya orang...i budget most likely will end up at some pub near my place or ttdi... or maybe Hash Club..it's a dart bar near my place.can psycho him to go there..so i can pla darts...hahahahaaaaa...

urmmmm.... update on me.
this month is busy...got 6 commercial to shoot...the most screwed up is on the 1st - 3rd June im on shoot in KL, then on the 4th i have to travel to TERANGGANU for another shoot until 9th , i will come back to kl on the 9th once is everything is wrapped. Immediately on 10th morning i have to go to the equipment house to supervise the prep (watching the crew upload all the required equipments for the shoot.) and i will leave to Terengganu again on the 10th night!!! FARK!! cuz these 2 company is using the same location in terengganu to shoot!! damm!!!!
so i will arrive in terengganu 11th and shoot til 13th and come back! :(

ok will write more later. my fren is here. gtg.
peace,love and Sakuragi Hanamichi!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guitar Hero!!!!

funny audition video...
guitar hero III.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dolphin Sex???


Mr. Goh passed me this link..
it's quite informercial..
enjoy.... :)
Dolphin Sex...

so dun limit ourself with our kind only...try to expand!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

eh, wedding party plans?

I was thinking it would be nice if we all took like some sorta trip to langkawi for eugenes wedding.
or at least when most of us can get together lah.

what say you?

Get up,Stand Up!!


how's everybody doin??
man..im still stuck with my holiday mood man...been listening to reggae's all day long.
even freaking dreaming of bitches every now n then..i mean beaches...

been downloading reggae songs.i think dah got bout 1 gig of reggae song..
geez..good thing is..im shooting in langkawi again next month..probably gonna extend my stay after the shoot...next month suppose to be Arab Season...so i wonder how all the Batwoman hang out at the beach...??? i ponder and wonder and wonder what i ponder on...make sense ahh??

neway, GGD is cool.not as Rocking as they were before tho...and their stuffs can be categorized in the classic section. or evergreen rock??? what say u?
nice memorable song la....vinnie, remember to post pictures and videos...additional footage of u n john are very much appreciated... :)

it's been a while since i last post,dunno what else to say..
been thinking lately for new materials...new stories to post on the blog...but none is good..
nevertheless,i will keep thinking and thinking...if my head is still not productive..then i have to start using my lil' head to do the thinking then...well, u know what they say...
2 head is better than 1..

poker anyone?? yea..now we've got poker nights every weds and sunday.
me and my colleagues la..we all go to his place..buy booze and liquor...

then poker till morning...
chips - white $1 , red $ 2 , blue $ 5 and black $ 10....
i think we all shud start playing poker...it's a dammm cool game.
we usually take out cards from 2,3,4,5 from the deck. there was once i got an Ace fullhouse.
3 A and 2K. the opened card was A,9,J,6 and K....
let's study this. K - 9 -j -K - A. there is chances that someone might get a strait or a flush....but it's still just a normal strait and a flush i was damm confident la.cuz i've got full house A's. so we kept raising until ridiculous amount. then when bukak..the fella got royal flush. 10,J,Q,K,A (all hearts)....awhhhh FARK man!!! ;(
ahhahahaa..that's the thrill of the game la

shit man.... we'll update more later. stay cool everyone.

Rajen : eugene...hows ur wedding prep????

Wednesday, May 7, 2008



Halo Halo !!!!

Click here first then read : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT-ZtHVNA7g yeah I still don't know how to embed !

Yes Finally I'm gonna see the goo goo dolls in Dublin. None of the dates are in Scotland and the other dates were in England. So I rang my friend in Dublin who initially thought there were a hantu,heavy metal band.

I was so annoyed as he did not want to go with me when he went to see Enrique !!! I mean seriously who prefers Enrique over GGDs right !!! So in all frustration i marah-marah him n letak phone and said that I have known him since i was 4, yes 4 tahun kanak- kanak ribena time that if at all he should just go with me and do this for me and not let a hot lioness go alone to gigs.

Then after 2 days he rang me said he listened to their songs and he has heard some on the radio and his friends are coming along as well. So am so hyper, that every day I'm dressing like a rock start to work. FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will update after the concert !!!!


Monday, May 5, 2008

SOILWORK Live in Malaysia!!!!

Soilwork are a Swedish melodic death metal band from Helsingborg. They are currently signed to Nuclear Blast. Formed in late 1995, originally under the name Inferior Breed, the band changed their name in late 1996 to Soilwork (a play on words meaning, "working from the ground up")to better fit their sound.

Their sound is a fusion of the classic Gothenburg metal sound with power-groove riffs of late 1970s, early 1980s British, and European metal. However, in their most recent albums Soilwork have also introduced elements from American alternative metal and adopted a more melodic sound. Their most recent work has more singing and lighter melodies than their earlier work, as well as a more polished production.Because of their more recent changes in sound, they have been likened to their label mates In Flames, labeled metalcore in some instances and even faced scrutiny by fans for their progressive sound. ( more info here )

Click banner to get the Tickets!! only RM55 , RM70 at the door

Soilwork Live IN Malaysia entrance pass

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My long overdued holidays...PArt 1

yo mann...

here's some picture of my trip in langkawi...
it's been a while , i almost forgot how holiday use to feel like..
thank god my job was cancelled last minute and pushed to june...
i guess it's a blessing in disguise..
shit happens for a reason... well..
thanks to almighty Jah...

i dedicate this to Liew...

me and goh @ oasis bar

sippin our Pina Colada...

Me and Marge @ Little Lydia's

Me & Goh @ Tanjung Rhu

we @ Tanjung Rhu

marge being artistic... :)

me cruising on ma scooter

Marge and me @ babylon hat

Anaz & Rajen @ Reggae Bar..

Reggae Bar... No Fixed Root...

natural born beach boy..

casa del mar beach..

goin for camping @ porto malai port

Big Bong , Me and Lil' Bong @ Pulau Kentut Kecil...

to be continue....
too dam many pictures.... hehe

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I dreamt....

Hey guys..

last night i had a dream... of Nick,Greg,Chia yau Loc and a few more fellas...
sorry i can't recall the rest...

from what i gather from the dream...

we started somewhere in KL city.. i was in my office... office is dam high... almost 2.5/4 from KLCC... then i went down for dinner...walked pass the park...
then i saw you guys standing by the park...looking at some street performer..
i quickly go greet u guys.. (we are in malaysia) ...

so, nick turned and he was wearing some hardcore winter gears with the ear headphone thingy..
Greg...looks smaller ,slimmer and business suited. and Chia..he looks like a dam berjaya 'donald trump' character guy..

dat's all i can recall for now...

i just got back from langkawi yesterday...
been there for 5 days.. seriously it's damm cool. cuz i havent been on holidays like that eversince i started working in production.. so it's the best getaway!!

i flew there on monday, checked in @ Amzar Motel , it's beside AB Motel... rental was RM45 a night... then we go rent Scooter..RM 25 a day... i decided that since it's a getaway..we'll avoid from our daily routines and styles... so got a scooter... went stock up the 'boot' with beers and started rounding the island.... we stayed in Pantai Cenang side...so everything is within reach..
chilled out at the raggae bar..there's a few... Little Lydia's , Babylon Hat and Ragae House... freaking beach boys is cool...probably in the next few years im goin to quit my job n go to the island...become beach bums... serious ly life is simple for them..they life on 1 day basis...screw tomoro...it's all about today..they dun have much worries..well...that's what they told me la.. im quite good frens with them..cuz whenever i shoot in langkawi..i will use them as assistant.. like i said... i travel but for work..not holiday.. so this is the real 1st time that i go to them as a fren rather than 'superior or boss' and we hang out til the sun comes up. smokin' like we own the beach..ahahahahahaaaa...

Stoned : From Day 1 to Day 5.
Drunk : From Day 1 to Day 5.

crazy man...i knew this 'master' wiid :) ...
he got loads of wiid stock up in his house...whenever u need stuffs in langkawi..he's the man for ur case... it's actually quite a fruitful trip for me.as i met more ppl and more closer to those whom i met before...and i might even goin to start a business venture with them..we had some conversatinon goin on... of course not with the beach boys la...with the bosses..there's a few things that can be worked out in langkawi...

so we went on boozing , cruising and seafooding... dashyat bai!!!!
we went bar hopping everynight... so i can be ur tour guide whenever ur there...

dammit...theere's jus tso many things tha ti wana write up on this post...but gettign sleepy again.. i got back last night... and my colleague calls me up for poker night... we played til this morning 6. we startes at 8pm last night... so i slept at 8am got up for breakfast 11.. now im sleepy again....

ok the next time around..i will attach the pictures...it's still in my camera...got no cable to transfer the images... stay cool guys...

hang loose.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm