a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Mid Days Of The Week ....

*** So Lovingkan this picture***
Hello All My Boys and Cute and Cuddly Tigers,

How is everyone holding up? Its been a bit iffy for me but that is probably because its the middle of the week. Few things are ticking me off but its ok I hope in a few days time it will be ok.

So I read this post http://yearofthaboomerang.blogspot.com/2008/05/stuck.html on Sam's blog and it was so funny ! Lengkap dengan gambar !!! My gosh I was wondering what if it happened to me ? READ THIS NO REGRETS !!!!

Then I visited Twiggy's blog with her surprise honeymoon. WOWWW never hear of that one before think i also wanna kawin lerrrrr heheheh

Then today I have this lovely dress on to work because I think I will feel better if I make the effort to go to work instead of the usual jeans. Yup, I can wear jeans to work COOL EH !!! Provided no clients ler that day or outside meeting with outside people.

Weather/ Cuaca - today is still Winter here in Edinburgh. Gloomy no sun etc. Its kind of depressing i need the sun. I was going to go to the NHS (National Health Service) to ask for the sun light that mirrors the sun but my doctor friend said they will refer me to a shrink etc etc first then blah blah wait list etc !!! God I don't want to be mentally assessed I'm not crazy I'm just from a hot country that's used to sun who will go crazy if I cant get any sun or sunlight !!!! HOW LAAAAAAAAAA

Then I had a wee chat with 'Who's yr Daddy' he has done so well for himself so proud of u.

Then Greggs told me he is home. Eat on my behalf OK. Congrats on your new life choice.

Then Jason and Eugene long time I have not seen. Jason's blog also nothing new besides soilworks. Oh am going for another concert Runrig @ Edinburgh Castle. Scottish-Traditional Rock band

Then Nick and I just finished another Scrabble. No more for now eh Nick Im having great trouble assessing FB at work.

Then Dinny where are you ! Did I tell u he was so sweet that time i balik UK 5.30 am he rang me to say bye ! Oh Dinny I have been addicted to these free sites that I can watch all the Desp. Housewives, Ugly Betty, Brothers n Sisters(Guys this series is the best ever BEST BEST !!!! ) n Big Love !!! I love my broadband.

The rest of you guys I hope u r fine I do think of you and I hope u r ok.

Ok guys that all just felt like writing u know being in strange moods can make u do strange things.

Lots of Love !




rajenthemantaboy said...

sweeeetness!!!! fuuuuu!!!
and Dinny is soooo sweeett....ahahahah...

ei you forgot bout Yudhis????

o oh...


Anonymous said...

its under hoping all the other tigers are ok ler !

rajenthemantaboy said...

i know ler...he kan featured star of the blog??

Twiggy said...

you guys... V teringin nak kawen... hehehehe.. she give hint hint already there

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm