a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

sunday crap..

misty mist came into the bar and she sat on the stool.i clearly remembered that she ordered a teh oh limau kurang manis....but somehow the bartender brought her an Ice Lemon Tea instead..hmmmm..

a top angle overviews the whole structure of the bar..camera hovering on top..slowly revealing a few high profile patrons and some other VVIPs.

first off the provoking emoking couple in the S.K.L and SFG micro chip industries, the Tycoon Shureboh Brothers - F.Reymond and N.Yudhay. (all names given are just fictional in order to protect the identity of the High Profile guys)..i overheard them talking bout swindling some money or bak kut teh recipe from this particular Franchise Restaurant owns by Mr L.BarDumbo a crossover consultant to Bak Kut Teh Franchise business .

so Reymond 's plan was.. he wanted to plant a spy in Bardumbo's factory to curi ingredient and 'screw' a few of Bardumbo worker over to his place.Reymond then tells Yudhay how to do his part..all Yudhay needs to do is to create a decoy or diversion while Reymond go bang n screw the workers..yah..there's changes in Reymond's plan..instead of getting the spy..he himself will do the job. he knows that it's risky but he can't resist the joy of screwing..what a perf... haih.
as they they chatting away... next to their table is the Humantarian of the year 2009 award winner Mr.Lick Knee,he's accompanied by the ever beautiful Queen of Houmada, Her Majesty M.Gillian....guarded by her Advanced Imperial Defense Security (AIDS) .

A.I.D.S are made of :-
1.Mantaboy - Q.C and Chief of Event Organiser (CEO)
2.Mr Gian the excited - Her Majesty personal witch doctor.
3.Mr. Choli Looi - Her Majesty personal dentist
and Lum Pet Pet the soft shell crab - he's the Jester or rather her Majesty's Toy Boy...

we are all the elements that makes the Queen happy.. dun look down on us because we are AIDS, we helped her majesty to shape and mold Houmada for our next generations.and thats the purpose of this meeting with Lick Knee.

apparently mr.Lick develops an antidote to revive the red blood cells in Aids victim..yesss...Houmada got some serious Aids problem...for the record..we Houmada-rian are good ,clean and noble ppl... Aids was brought to our country by the Mexicans.the ratio of Houmada men and Mexican women in Houmada is 3men : 12women.
all our women we sent them to virgin islands..so that they wont kena Aids..
we may be a very small country...but we are smart...by sending all females to virgin island ,they will be Aids free... I'm a Genius!

to be continued....


V|vac|ous said...

BRAVO! BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE MORE

lick knee. said...

genius sampai nak mampus!

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm