a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


haih...it's been a while...i dunno where to start.
so how;s everyone doin?
me is fine. everything is cool.

urm..been listening to most happening song right now..Estelle - American Boy..
dashyat la..cant get the freaking beat out of my head..
how come all so senyap oni? the site meter shows a lot of visitors..but noone posted anything? hmmm... neway. my mac just crashed.. so all the pictures and video collection that i had..all gone..
i send the hardisk tot he shop to try to retrieve the info..muthafucka wana charge me 1-2k..bitch man... so for now..im just keeping the hardisk..i will retrieve the info once i got osme extra money la.. so this is the 1st time that i own a 250G hardisk... mahai..got like dam a lot of space..but dunnno how to fill it..
i use to have songs in itune thats took up 25G space...now i barely got 15G...haiya..plus dammm a lot of all the gempak song all hilang.. damm..
the moment the computer crashed.. i almost cried..thinking back all the memories that we've been thru... sedih la..
neway...we gotta move on..

so now it's august d... eugene's day are numbered now.. so how la? u still dowan party like there's no tomoro on ur bachelor's night? i still gto a few tricks under my shorts..seldom wear long sleeves.. ;)

anyway im just a holler away dude...lemme know if u need anything.
we'll catch up later... im goin for movie soon.

urm..best movie so far is Dark Knight for July/August... niceee...
heath ledger deserves the credits. R.I.P joe...

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lick knee. said...

yeo. what happened to your computer?

also - im getting my flight tickets back home soon. (ill be back right after christmas i think)

you still want that lampu daging(?)

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm