a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hi Tigers,

Today its going to be a more serious post from me because i have just realised something:

Many Malaysians are all talkers but when they have their chance TO DO something about it they are not.

Imagine my disgust, shock and horror that many of my friends residing in Malaysia are not performing their duty as a Malaysian citizen which is to be registered to VOTE.

But when the time comes they sit down and go on and on saying its Malaysia its our country blah blah blah condemn other people, policies etc.

As it is they have made it very hard for people to be registered i.e not catering to the masses. For example folk like me abroad if we want to register I was told that I had to go down to London to register @ embassy imagine Greg and Nick having to go down to D.C !!!

Its so good to know that over here they make it so easy for people to be registered on the electoral role. They take into account people who cant leave their homes, cant walk etc but who also must have the chance like everyone else to be registered and vote. Do we Malaysians even think about Equal Opportunities ????

The thing is in the UK, if you are not on the electoral role you cant be in the credit rating system so you cant get credit cards, loans , mobile phone contracts etc. So in a way they have a system to get people to be registered. Next they make it easier, when I voted last yr for constituency (I can vote here Commonwealth ) postal votes are allowed. So I came back from work found my ballots, filled up, signed, posted back. Of course I could have gone to the voting stations but its all about GIVING PEOPLE OPTIONS.

My American friend living here can vote via postal vote. Why is this not allowed for fellow Malaysians ??? The thing is they are making it hard to get registered so for you folk living and breathing and paying tax in Malaysia don't tell me that its too hard to just get your ass to pejabat pos and register ! Getting registered is the CORE of the whole election process and if u cant even do that, then I have nothing much to say.



lick knee. said...

i see you assume that Malaysia runs an ideal democracy with full and proper representation and enfranchisement of the masses.

thats nice.

V|vac|ous said...

ABSOLUTELY NOT ! did u not read my post. This post if not abt democracy its abt registering to vote and Msia not giving people options to get registed. If I did assume that then I wouldnt have kutuk their whole not giving options to ppl to get registered.
I suggest you re-read the post.

Twiggy said...

i so agree!!! i have a whole bunch of friends who blab as if they themselves are running for a post, but in real fact, they didn't even register to vote!!! pffttt!!

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm