a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

On Bodoh-ness or Pandai-ness

*Long post - But worth the read*Special mention - Rajen.

I have always been a great fan of British TV. TV programmes here have really opened my mind up as compared to the programmes we get back home which is basically what only the government wants you to know. People here really question things and thinking process rather critical. Example : Dispatches, Panorama etc. In fact it was one of the programmes about God Good, Bad and Evil that lead me to discover that I don't really need religion to tell me to do good things. Anyways that's my discovery journey.

Mark Dolan's programmes have always been of interest to me. He has a very subtle way of questioning different angles or aspects. This is what today's post from me is about. A Channel 4 programme 'The World and Me'- Broadcaster Mark Dolan meets children with mind-boggling mental capacities - but are these young geniuses a force of nature or the product of some intensive nurture?

Sometime this week, I received a text from someone telling me ''Watch this now Malaysian kid on Channel 4. Let me know what you think'.'
I missed the show as I was out but fear not there is always the watch online option. The next day at work Patrick my French friend who resides in Glasgow - very into the movie making scene sent me an msn saying ''Am watching Mark Dolan. Malaysian kid something not right.'' Since few folk had mentioned this few hours ago I sat down with my faithful laptop (btw President Obama and me have the same laptop !) and watched the show.

The show focused on 3 child prodigies an American girl, A Malaysian boy and A Singaporean boy.
I don't have much time as really guys I should be spending my weekends playing my WII so I will go on to write brief notes on this Malaysian boy : - Adi Putra. Go google he has his own site etc.

1. The kid has this professor friend agent who told Mark he can speak 8 languages.
What are they?
French, German, Bahasa Malaysia, then wait for it... British English, American English, Singaporean English.... As this point Mark went to say:

So Adi can say : - Can I have those trousers and can I have those pants ! LOL LOL Mark went on to say maybe someday he will speak Scottish English AYE !!!!!
- The truth is when Mark interviewed this kid he hardly could open his mouth.
His speech was not fluent ...gagap lots of ahhh ahhh ahhh ..... At this point I belive his French and German would be close to non existent. Compared to the American girl, the way Adi came across communication wise was just like any kid his age actually am sorry there quite a few kids his age who are much more fluent. I tell you all this kid could speak was MANGLISH !

2. Professor mentioned to Mark that Adi was not only a Maths genius but can also predict the future. He also has this whole marketing thing where Adi markets his brand name.
Adi tshirts, caps, even Adi smart pills for left and right brain. Hence Mark asks him: (not exact dialogue)

MARK: So you predict things etc. How do you come about these ideas?
ADI: AAAAhhhhh I dream about it then I wake up I tell my parents and sell the products. I had the idea when I was 8.
MARK: So you had the idea to make these smart pills that helps the brain in the middle of the night. Did you have the recipe for the pills or idea what goes in the pills?
ADI: Yes, Yes
MARK: So what goes in the pills? ..... (Wait for it.....)
ADI : I don't really remember it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaHAHAHahhahahahahaha

This is when Marks politely comments It may have been the language barrier, ( How is this possible right since u speak like 30 types of English)but I am beginning to wonder if the real Adi is as potent as the myth that surrounded him.

MARK: Professor says you can predict the future- 6 sense. Is that right
ADI: Yes
MARK: What things you dreamt about?
ADI: I cant really remember
MARK: Can u tell me something that is going to happen in the world?
ADI: I don't remember but I know one day we will all die LOL LOL SERIOUSLY HAHAHAHAH

Mark was frustrated. This poor kid was made sales gimmick by people around him! I feel sad for the kid. The kid has Mathematical abilities I give him that but his other claims well am sure this one you can figure out for your self. This is where I find programmes here most impressive. They seek, they question, they critically think and most importantly you the viewers can decide.

OH the main highlight is : RAJEN YES OUR VERY OWN DADDY was the guide for the UK crew. Not sure guide or what Rajen correct me if I'm wrong. I was jumping up and down when I could see side view of Rajen walking in with the crew.
WHOO HOO glamour on UK tv ! So I rang him like 3 times. Bad line. AFter some time, he rang me back we had a brief chit chat about this and well I said to Rajen ''I cant believe it you met MARK DOLAN !! am such a fan of his.''
Anyways see you guys soon !!!!

I really had to blog abt this too exciting not to !!!!! For full write up click here.

With Love and Light



el_fuser said...

"Professor mentioned to Mark that Adi was not only a Maths genius but can also predict the future."

Typical Malaysians. And you expect an English man to believe this shit? Adi is just hyped up. He's no Math genius. Nor he can speak German and French. It's all bullshit.

Good thing that this Channel 4 show has interviewed this chap. Wonder what the Professor will comment now.


V|vac|ous said...

thanks sam ! but really i was so excited when i saw Rajen terkejut habis !!!

Zukhairi said...

His parents is destroying his future by doing this. he will loose his confidence. anyone remember the boy genius who was found by Prof Ungku Aziz? I think he is a roti canai boy now. Kompang lebih, No idea, No follow up.. He might be a genius but he is still a kid..belum akil baligh lagi,cant think properly..

rajenmantaboy said...

me is happening.. ;)

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm