a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Friday, November 28, 2008

aloha mama san.


wazap all... my internet is down la... dats y not so active in the past few weeks...
fucker main kote everynight...fucker refers to greg,way kiat , din , lam and yud... i dun main kote cuz i live the buddha's way. so wats new man??
nick remember to get my Light.. cheers man. hmmm
december got jul n nick comin back...sweet..
what else, im on holiday now btw. f.y.i for oversea ppl...

today i cycled for 30mins...not bad eh.tomoro i wana go 1 hour.. i can tahan..
babi banyak sedap. u guys shud makan it more often.specially ChaSiew & siuYoke & B.K.T & Daging salai.

i miss Lioness...mana dia? tak nampak pun..oh yeah..she go pee pee in the desert..

nick i dun miss so much,but i still wan my light k. ;)

eugene... ok ok la. last week i was drinking at changkat bukit bintang..then terjumpa 2 of eugene chef frens..apparently those two were gay Chef..hmmm... no wonder eugene been acting a bit gayish when he's back for the bachelor party.... now it make sense la... hehe.

jul.. ada miss sikit2 x sikit2 la..

anyway i promised a blast party with nick this time around when he's home. hopefully we can get something goin on la...haahahaha.. mabuk with all fours on floors BITCH!!!!muahaahahahaa
sounds scaryleh...

urm. ok la,wana tido edi.later gotta wake up early to cycle.

cheers tigers!



Anonymous said...

hi rajen got your text am back and been pretty busy. hope u guys are all excited abt x mas ! - lioness

lick knee. said...

eh. i just ship your lampu over to you lah. i dont wanna have to explain that during customs yo

rajenmantaboy said...

hmmmm.....just tell custom it's a medical thing la!!!


we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm