a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

what shows do you guys watch?

yeah. i was just curious. i think many of the tigers seem to be watching more American television than i am.

so. whats good to watch? i've heard lots of stuff about true blood, fringe, lost etc... the only thing i've watched within all this hype is heroes.

apa rekomen?


rajenmantaboy said...

naughty america and brazzers.

lick knee. said...

eh. i watch that too!

V|vac|ous said...

Ugly Betty
Desperate Housewives
Big Love about Mormons - Rajen will love this

of course those days : gilmore Girls, SATC, Friends etc

and my all time fav Brothers & Sisters

7thlovechild said...

fringe and true blood is good... flashpoint is damn good too if you're into 24 and swat stuff... the Cleaner , secret diary of a call girl (UK one... not made in the US of A ... not that new .. but it's good...)

there's also one drama being produced in Malaysia which is damn good.. it's called 'The Government' ... damn exciting , dramatic and everything under the sun laaa

from C4 bombing to sodomy allegations to Internal Security Act against 'innocent' rakyat to conversion of religion... even a trip to Taiwan for kononnya agricultural purposes is an episode by itself.. ahaha... every episode is a new drama... and sometimes there's a storyline too ar...

V|vac|ous said...

yup billy piper !! lam do they show that over there in msia or u muat turun the show ? UK progs r great i lvoe the tv here esp all those progs where they investigate and expose so many things that wot be show in msia coz its either banned or we r not allowed to question things.

-dinesh- said...

wei lam, the last one u mentioned is damn good la.. ive been following it and shit loads of twists man. never a dull moment.

guys, watch flashpoint. damn cun! and also this brit sitcom called black books.. hahaha.. stupid but funny.

rajenmantaboy said...

flashpoint?? what bout fleshlight??? dat wan better..

el_fuser said...

Haha rajen you horny ass! :-P

Anyway my recommendations are :
1)Southpark (suprisingly no one mentioned this)
3)Bleach (fuck Naruto.. Bleach is dope)

Nuff' said.

rajenmantaboy said...

ei che... have u watched the Che-Guerilla (Benicio Del Toro)?
shud check it out man..

southpark roxx! and fleshlight!

el_fuser said...

Haha no la Rajen. I'm gonna order a DVD for this movie. Don't wanna download la. Must wait a while. Have you watch it? Is it good?

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm