a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008



it's been a while since anyone last posted any 'real' post..
since copy and embedding youtubes stuff is way more easier then typing...

im pretty tied up for the last few weeks...and got no inspirations to crap on the blog..
sorry i've got nothing much to share..it's oni work,work and work from my side..
urm...Manta is ready btw,i havent go and collect it...cuz this weeks schedule quite tight.
probably next week la..
wanted so badly to collect the car!!!!!!
everyone around was quite excited as well...they kept asking when will i go collect the car..
had a few commercial offers for the car..too bad it wasnt ready at that time.. :(
neway , everything is fine and cool.
what's the next big thing??? lookinng very forward to eugene's big day.
urm.. waiting for greg and nick to come back and have our BAchelor Party for Eugene!!!!

so guys...what do you all have in mind for the party???
i had some stuffs in mind..but i just need to have a conference with u all before executing any plans... stripper is a must in the plan...and the rest are quite subjective..

ok la...i'll be back with more updates and infos....
gotta work til mornign.... :(

oh yeah... im currently on a project.. shooting the fruit juice 'tropicana'..
im goin to langkawi on the 27th and be back on the 1st of may.
take a guess who im goin to shoot therE???? a HK Megastar....

*it's a guy...chicks are just the filler..

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