a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

24th Dec-oy

wishing all an early Xmas. how's eveyone doing? fine i hope.
well it's been a while since the last post.. i guess the heat for this blog definitely died off long time ago..but nevertheless,since we've all came so far d.. why not just play along.

glad we have some final entry for this year end... kudos

it's been a crazy year...or rather a dammm fucking fast year cuz it seems like we've just celebrated 2009 new year's yesterday..and now 2010 is around the corner...
bet a lotsa things changed...

happy moment in 2009 -
  1. My man Eugene got married.
  2. Had a great bday party @ HASH
  3. Work like a dog but party like a hound doggy..
  4. Went to barsonic with din , jul and lin.. that was a great night.
  5. did Sime Darby shoot that requires me to go around the semenanjung.
  6. did a reality show for Krafts and that brings me to sabah and sarawak...
    with these 2 states..ive completed my jalan jalan round round malaysia quest. (screw brunei)
  7. Discovered and Accepted lam's true self...deep inside him he's a gay...but u know we all la..we dun discriminate.
  8. Started prawning.good sport :)
  9. discovered 3 Card Poker. sweet
  10. Bought tv,wii , bean bag and sofa for my room. awesome!
  11. Completed 3 transformer season out of many cartoon Transformers.
  12. Enlightened by Justin Ong's word of wisdom..never knew that he was so emotional and and deep...
  13. had 6(6pint) glass of Hoegaarden @ Deutchess with 4 colleagues in 5 hours time. record breaking!
  14. Wrap party @ Fidel's with 20+ chix after we finished shoot @ Sime Darby convention hall @ KLGCC...paid the bill @ almost 4k in cash... *not my money..it's the money we saved from the shoot...and until now workers there still respect us.. best
  15. got a chance to work with Sebastian the photo freak!
  16. manage to get Kumar and Jason Lam to help me out on a telemovie shoot.
  17. Met Peter Schmeichel the legend..but i didnt felt HIS AWESOMENESS...maybe im not his fan..but screw that..i make a lot of Peter's fan JEALOUS!!!!!!!!
  18. got a tattoo..

still got summo great moments..but i cant recall it now...maybe i'll just add on later la..

the lesson learnt , regrets and not so good time of 2009.
  1. 1st and foremost lesson...respect friends and don't use the 'FORCE' even tho' u had it.. :)
  2. A buddy of mine passed.*not ttdi gang.
  3. Kena con by Nesrin Marketing...the travel agent that sells travel packages at cheap price. lesson learnt - cheap shit ain't good shit!
  4. no regrets in 2009




7thlovechild said...

love you bro...

*one day gonna get one you drunk as hell... blackout kindda shit.. then fuck your brains out... that's how gay i am... seriously... :D

rajenmantaboy said...

sounds like a challenge!

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