a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deal or No Deal = Tiu mm Tiu?


wazap zap zappp... xmas is around the roundabout..cuz u can almost see new year at the other turning.. ;)

so " what's the deal" man? (taken from greg conversation wit ah so: me n wk in the car)
urm.. i think we'll get a some jive turkey from julian's place on xmas eve and getting smashed and pissing by the road on new year.. well let's us all pray for that memorable nostalgic event to happen so that for the rest of the next 20 years we all can reminisce how stupid we all are... or at least something to talk about during yamcha session...ahahahaahahaahahahah giler panjang that sentence..make sense onot wan?? :)

dinny is goin to india this sat.. have a safe trip joe.. and wk just got back from china... wtf man! u guys mocking me or what?where am i suppose to go man??!! hehehehe...
urm..wk is yet to tell us what happened in china....
i think wk shud have a chat with Jack Bauer la...hahahaahaaa....

ok la..here's a video for y'all..

and irack...


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