a beginning of an awesome adventure!

a beginning of an awesome adventure!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

rajen reporting...


this is rajen singh reporting live from office.
nothing much happening except waiting for my director to sampai and do some meeting.
just finished shoot yesterday..and now im on another job..shooting this comin tuesday and wednesday. and after that i just got a call this morning..goin to shoot on the 2,3,4 of july....
and after that i will not commit another job..instead start planning my holidays. was thinking
of goin to langkawi to chill few day..hmmmm....

so what's up with the rest? tell la a bit y'all... how's life and bitch bout ur co workers...
im not much of a bitching dude...but there's 1 thing that i wana share with you guys..
i told this to yud,liew and greg...

last 2 days after my shoot from putrajaya..i had to go for a meeting for my next project..which is the current job im doin. so went there..with my asst's car..i dowana drive manta to putrajaya all the way..so took his car. when the meeting was done,so was the petrol. so i decided to go pump.. we went to Esso,jalan maharalela.(right beside Dewan Bahasa Pustaka).. after filling up the car,we are ready to rock n roll...then the fucker tal dapat start...not even ignite...so we were like dam stress la...stuck there for bout 20-30mins.

then this fucker old lady,the outlet manager or some cashier la..dunno dun care.btw her name is Mrs. Liew.. that i remember well..

she came out and sunded me and my asst. like chasing us off her pump station..saying that we were causing her business loss by hogging her pump. then i told her off.. this bitch dam rude la..come on man..she's in the service industry..like customer service and stuff la..at least come out and offer help..if cannot tolong..then ask politely if u wan us to push the car aside so that we wont block other customers. cibai la the fucka.

neway..i have called up becca..i wan an interviewed by Star. i have spoken to a lawyer fren. wana sue the fucker. but instead he told that it would be better if i write in a letter to Esso HQ...so they will take back her petrol license. i told my 8tv gang oso..then do a coverage on this isssue.
i just wana make sure this bitch get what she deserves la..
ad of course..in this whole fuck up scenario..there was a nice cool dude..that came to our rescue.
he was driving this black Honda City V-tec with plate no. 7723..i forgot the alphabets. his name is steve and got a dam hot caucasian GF..he deserves that cuz he's cool guy. he helped to jump start the car..and for that..he also kena fucked by the old lady...he ignored her..but then his GF came out from the car and fucked the old lady back la..then i oso taruh her nicely.

aiya this post so long wan..i tot wana put in some shooting picture.nemind la..next round i post summo...cheers.


-dinesh- said...

wei.. u told me the story as well. I was there at that yam cha session.

Kenn said...

i've been to that esso before but i dun recall meeting any cunt-ish mrs liew. she the boss there?

wouldn't mind a snapshot of the hot caucasian girl though :)

7thlovechild said...

sue that bitch only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we'll roarsss ur socks off!!! AUUUUmmmmmm